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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 9, 2023 ·  4 min read

Bride Livid That ‘Obnoxious’ Wedding Guest Wore White to Her Wedding and ‘Ruined The Photos’

Wearing white to a wedding is usually the sole right of the bride- and we understand. It is her day, and no one is supposed to steal her thunder. This makes this story even more hilarious after a newlywed bride sparked a hilarious battle over Photoshop, begging strangers to modify an image where a guest, wearing white to a wedding, had also posed front and center with the rest of the wedding party. This woman righteously took to Reddit, where she asked the social media users to start putting their Photoshop skills to the test over one of her pictures. The picture had a member of her husband’s family posing in the front row while wearing a white gown. 

The original image in the Photoshop request.
Image Credits: Reddit

The thread on Reddit was titled Photoshop Request, where the bride explained that she wanted the color of the guest’s dress to be black so that she would be able to frame this picture and send it back to her. This sparked a contest as people started firing off their own suggestions regarding Photoshop. Some editors also removed the guest altogether- while others changed her into the devil. The bride revealed, “My husband’s relative wore white to our wedding and pushed our parents and wedding party out of the way to be in the front and center. Can someone photoshop her dress to black? I’d like to frame and send it to her with the new dress color.

Wearing White To A Wedding- A Big No-No!

The bride then shared the original photo, in which one could see the bride and groom posing hand-in-hand at the very front with the immediate family, as well as members of the bridal party. While the other guests gave them the space and the moment, there was a single member of the family who decided that this was her time to shine. The bride also noted that the guest wearing white to a wedding wasn’t the groom’s mother, but just another family member.

The top edit with the obtrusive guest at the back.
Image Credits: Reddit

One user who decided to help the bride with her request, as well as get some humor out of it, took the request to a whole new level- removing the guest from the front of the picture and putting them all the way at the back. Other users on Reddit went on to love this edit- as they noted that one would have to really focus to see them- where only her head was showing. Another user removed the guest from the picture completely- while the other changed her dress from white to black. 

Reddit Had A Field Day Dealing With It

As usual, people on Reddit didn’t shirk away from making their opinions clear. One user (u/IncaseofER) commented, “It’s like she tried hard to be in white from head to toe with whatever she had regardless of all else!” While another user (u/iLLDrDope) mentioned, “Completely agree, the photographer was not doing their job. Sometimes it’s difficult for family to have these types of conversations but if a third party tells you to move, you probably aren’t going to make a stink about it in front of all these people, generally.” A third user (u/HuskyLettuce) mentioned, “Honestly, this is so bad. Wearing white is def a faux pas, but centering herself and shimmying up to the groom is soooo weird.u/249592-82 put their two pennies, “And she even wore white stockings! She wore white and centered herself on purpose. I hope she is not the mother in law.

The Photoshop edits for the guest wearing white to a wedding led to many comments on the threads. U/sittinwithkitten commented, “White dress, white pantyhose, white shoes…What the hell was she thinking? She’s definitely old enough to know better.” Another individual (u/heyitsamb) wrote, “She doesn’t deserve to be in the picture at all if this was her attitude.” A third commenter (u/imthejefenow) posted, “I can’t stop laughing. I love this sub.” Even if the woman might have had nothing but good intentions, and genuinely wanted to be around the bride and the groom, wearing white to a wedding was not the wise choice. 

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