mother with drinking problem and her toddler child
Jade Small
Jade Small
February 13, 2024 ·  4 min read

Mom Battling Addiction Neglected Kids, So Boyfriend Adopted Both And Raised Them To Give Them A Better Life

Parents are supposed to lead by example. Their influence on a child is the foundation they build their life on, and without that, they will undoubtedly struggle. When one mother succumbed to her addiction, it was her children who bore the brunt of that pain. They were set for a life on rocky grounds, that is until they met their mother’s boyfriend. He adopted them so he could offer them a better life than what they were given at birth. 

They wished for her to clean up her act

Jared and Jordan Benewiat loved their mother dearly, as most children do. But their love was not enough for their mother to lead a normal life that they witnessed from their friends’ parents. Their mother is an addict, and she was continuously struggling, thus her children suffered. 

Jordan recalled her 8th birthday when her mother had been drinking. This was a regular occurrence. However, this occasion was particularly memorable, and not in a good way. Jordan and Jared’s mother were drunk, and getting violent. She was shouting and slurring and started breaking things in their home. When her boyfriend, Steven Benewiat, came home he managed to call the police. The children were taken by social services and placed in immediate foster care. 

Jordan and Jared with their adoptive father, Steven Benewiat
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“Divine Intervention” 

Steven was determined for the children to move in with him. He applied for foster care, and because the state could not find another suitable home he was awarded emergency fostering rights. This way, the court did not have to separate the siblings. In an interview with Love What Matters, Jordan said: 

The first time I saw my dad cry was the day he thought we were being taken by the state. I had no idea why he was crying in the courtroom but when he explained it to me I burst into tears and he just hugged me until we had to leave OK. Luckily by divine intervention, he was given emergency foster rights.”

A successful adoption 

Since the children moved in, their standard of living has drastically improved. They were given the routine and stability they needed to develop the strong foundation they lacked from their mother’s influence. He was able to show them exactly what they were missing in life. 

“My dad gave me stability and safety I had never known before. Before I met him as far back as I can remember I was scared and worried. My brother and I had to worry about whether we would eat, if we would go to school if our mom would die from drinking too much,” said Jordan. 

It seems as if Steven was born into fatherhood. Jordan explained: “He showed up every time we needed him to. He gave me back the second half of my childhood. I was finally able to ride my bike, go to school, play sports, and never worry about dinner. He gave me someone you want to call when my life feels like it’s falling apart. He gave me the safety I had never known. My life wouldn’t look at all like it does without him.”

The Benewiat’s story went viral

Jordan loves her father and wants to have every opportunity to showcase her respect. Her method was taking to social media. She decided that a TikTok video that explained how they came to be a family would be the best method. The video she posted has been viewed 9 million times and gained 1.4 thousand likes. 

For the world to stop and say ‘hey man thank you for being a good man’ is something I never thought I’d see,” says Jordan. “All I want to do in this life is to repay and be worthy of the sacrifices he made for two kids who had nothing left. So, for so so so many people to pour that love back into him has made us feel like he’s finally getting the recognition he’s deserved his whole life.”

This is a story that many people will relate to because alcohol abuse has a tendency to go hand-in-hand with child abuse. Even though it is unclear whether Jordan and Jared were being abused, their mother was not setting a good example thanks to the excessive drinking.

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