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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 15, 2024 ·  2 min read

4-year-old boy miraculously survives falling down a 70-foot cliff with nothing but bruises

Typically when a story begins with someone falling off of a very high cliff, the ending is a tragic one. In this miraculous case, however, the ending is quite the opposite. Earlier this month a four-year-old boy fell from a 70-foot cliff while hiking with his family. Incredibly, he came out on the other side of it with just some bruises and scrapes. (1)

4-Year-Old Survives Fall Down Cliff With Only Minor Injuries

A four-year-old boy and his parents went hiking in Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest. What started out as a fun family outing in nature quickly turned into what was almost a devastating tragedy. As many young kids are likely to do, the little boy slipped away from his parents where he quickly wandered to the edge of a cliff. He slipped and tumbled a total of 70 feet to the ground below. (2)

During the tumble, he fell for sections that were as much as 30-foot drops at one time. He also struck many sharp edges, trees, and other branches along the way. His father called 9-1-1 and raced to the bottom. Miraculously, he found his son remarkably unharmed. He had some scrapes and bruises, of course, but nothing more serious than that. No broken bones, no damaged ligaments or tendons, and of course the biggest miracle of all, the little boy was alive.

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Bruised But Not Beaten

Naturally, at first, the little boy was reasonably upset. His parents carried him out to a place where the emergency responders would have easier access to them. They looked him over and, sure enough, the boy truly was fine. In fact, by that point, he had calmed down and was very much his normal self.

“Incredibly, while the child was certainly scraped up and bruised, he appeared to be otherwise okay,” the search & rescue team said in the Facebook post. “He was very talkative, and very interested in super heroes.”

After the emergency response team was one hundred percent sure that the boy was fine, they gave him back to his parents. One thing is for certain, the next time this family goes on a hike, we’re certain they will make sure their son knows not to wander too far from them ever again. That is not a scare that any parent wants to have twice.

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