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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 19, 2024 ·  2 min read

11-Year-Old Jumps From School Bus Window In A Desperate Attempt To Escape Bullies

An 11-year-old boy jumped out of a school bus window to escape bullies who were physically abusing him. Luckily, the boy survived without any life-threatening injuries. This situation begs the question as to how schools can better protect their most vulnerable students. (1)

Boy Jumped Out Of Bus Window To Escape Bullies

Bullying at school and now online, as well, is something that schools have been combatting for years. Unfortunately, it is still all-too-common. For Dion Murphy’s son, bullying was a daily part of his life. The entire year, the 11-year-old boy has been tormented by his peers on the bus, all of which on-bus cameras captured. (1)

“I recently saw a tape that a girl was hitting on him as well. There’s another tape of him being dragged down the aisle, there’s more video of the boys from this May 5th situation,” Murphy said. “There’s more tapes and that’s why I’m so upset because the school neglected the bullying act and did not do anything about it. They took it as horse-play, but my son could have lost his life.” (1)

Murphy met with school officials back in March about how to solve this issue. Unfortunately, this meeting didn’t do enough to address this problem. Finally, his son’s tormentors pushed him to his limit, and he felt the only way to escape the bullies was to jump out of the bus window. (1)

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The May 5th Incident

In the video footage from that day’s bus ride home from school, you can see an older student jumping on the young boy’s face and pushing him up against the bus’s window. This caused him to fall down. Another student took this opportunity to steal Murphy’s son’s shoe. Not sure how else to escape, he decided the risk of jumping out of the bus window was worth it. (1)

“I believe he was trying to escape the situation. At this moment he felt back was up against the wall,” he said. (1)

The boy landed on a pick-up truck before then landing on the road below. He was taken to the hospital immediately, thankfully with no life-threatening injuries. This is a situation that could have ended much more tragically. (2)

“Death. [That’s the] first thing I’m thinking when I hear you jumped out of a vehicle because I’m curious if it was moving and I’m thinking about moving traffic and I was concerned he’d get ran over or killed,” Murphy said. (1)

The school is aware of the incident and is currently investigating. It is not yet known what consequences the other students involved in the situation will face. (1)

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