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Jade Small
January 9, 2024 ·  4 min read

‘I’m a mom-of-eight and my night routine is so busy and chaotic I start at 4:30 pm’

As a mother, I’ve always strived to keep a predictable and hassle-free night routine. With so much to consider; meal choices, tooth-paste, pajamas, pillows, fluffy toys, and storybooks, this often proves easier said than done. We all know how crucial sleep is. Not only in the journey of a child’s development but for your own peace of mind in knowing your little ones are happily off to dreamland and you can finally relax after another day.

This mom of eight has a very hectic night routine

If you thought your night routine was a somewhat ungainly and unmanageable nightmare, Chloe Dunstan, a proud mother of eight from Perth, Australia, will help put things into perspective for you. At 27, Chloe has Evan, Otto, Felix, triplets Rufus, Hank, and Pearl, and twins Sylvie and Cosmo to keep entertained and yet miraculously have them in bed by 8 pm— and all of this comprehensively documented via her Youtube channel. [1]

night routine
Instagram @chloeandbeans

A clip shows exactly how well coordinated the Dunstan family pre-bedtime routine is – at 4:30 pm while Chloe prepares dinner, her infant twins enjoy a nap, and the older kids set to work tidying their playroom.

“The babies have a nap in their rockers, while the others do some tidying up,” Chloe remarked in the clip.

At the same time, I’ll cook the dinner for the kids.”

Chloe Dunstan – YouTube 

The Gingerbread Man is a firm favorite

At 6 pm, a feast of vegetarian farfalle topped with dairy-free cheese awaits her hungry troupe. It’s a recipe wholesome and nutritious yet simple enough to prepare quickly and easily scale up the quantity. Chloe and her husband join them on occasion, but not on the more involved days where they will only get a chance to eat once the kids are in bed.

Bath time immediately follows dinner. Each child taking their turn to bathe or shower while Chloe feeds the twins and watches over the proceedings. In the kitchen, she then bathes the twins in the sink. The others put on their matching pajamas and brush their hair and teeth. First, she puts the triplets Hank, Pearl, and Rufus to bed. Then the elder three, Evan, Otto, and Felix, are left to read before they shut their eyes.

A parent’s secret weapon, Chloe says, is her extensive and color-coded library. With over a thousand titles she’s collected over the years. The book currently being read may change regularly, but The Gingerbread Man is a firm favorite bedtime fixture of the Dunstan household.

The night routine has definitely gotten easier over the years

Chloe rocks the twins gently to sleep as part of their nightly routine, and at 8 pm, once the kids’ lights are out, she and her husband are finally allowed to spend some time watching TV together and reflecting on the day. As a parent, one might find all of this rather daunting. But, Chloe has all her ducks seemingly in a row and the house running like clockwork.[2]

night routine
Instagram @chloeandbeans

“It‘s definitely gotten easier over the years with the night routine as all bar the twins can now dress themselves,”

Chloe confesses,

With the triplets there for a bit when they were young, it was a lot of work. But I think with big families; you have to do whatever works for you.”

Regardless of the pandemic’s restrictions, all her kids are homeschooled, Chloe said to FEMAIL in a recent article.

“We home school so there are a lot around, but we keep it really relaxed.”

She explained,

“The kids do a bit of school work, and then mostly focus on doing the things they enjoy like drawing, art projects, science projects, playing and spending lots of time outside.”

Chloe Dunstan – FEMAIL

She continued describing a day in the life of a mom-of-eight. The kids begin their schoolwork each morning. In the meantime, Chloe and her husband tackle the operation of their online toy retail store.

Teamwork” is the key to her family’s good fortune she said,

“It can be a lot with a career, homeschooling, and homework, but we manage it well together. And doing all of this means we can maximize family time, which is really important to us.”

Chloe Dunstan

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