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Leaked Documents Stoke Fears About Gender Treatment in Children

Written By: Maureen Cargill In recent times, the sensitive topic of gender transitioning for children has stirred heated debates and triggered concerns among experts and the public alike. A recent leak of internal discussions from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has shed light on the complexities and controversies surrounding treatments for transgender […]

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P!nk Gives Away Banned Books at Concerts

In the last year or so, school districts across the country have been quietly banning books from their library shelves. Nowhere has this been more prevalent than in Florida. While the Florida Governor says that it is due to “pornographic and inappropriate, sexual themes”, it can’t be missed that these bans have disproportionately affected LGBTQ+ […]

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Rosalynn Carter, former first lady and tireless humanitarian who advocated for mental health issues, dies at 96

Rosalynn Carter, the Georgia-bred former first lady and humanitarian who championed mental health care, provided constant political counsel to her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, and modeled graceful longevity for the nation, died Sunday at her home in Plains, according to the Carter Center. Carter was 96. She had entered hospice care in her Georgia home on Friday. She was widely […]