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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
November 12, 2023 ·  4 min read

8 Odd Kitchen Devices that Make Life Easier

Cool kitchen tools and gadgets can make life easier for several reasons. They often streamline tasks, saving time and effort. For instance, a high-quality knife can make chopping vegetables quicker and more precise. Gadgets like blenders or food processors can simplify complex recipes, reducing the manual labor involved. Moreover, specialized tools, such as a garlic press or avocado slicer, can make tackling specific ingredients much simpler. Overall, these gadgets not only make cooking more efficient but can also add an element of fun and creativity to the kitchen, making the entire culinary experience more enjoyable.

8 Versatile Kitchen Tools:

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Many common kitchen devices help make life in the kitchen exponentially easier. Knives are used for dicing, slicing, and chopping. Blenders can be used for making smoothies, soups, or sauces. Although both are commonly found in kitchens, here are eight less familiar kitchen tools that are sure to enhance your cooking experience.

1. Stem Remover

stem removing kitchen device
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A stem remover is a handy kitchen device that helps to prevent waste. For example, when slicing strawberries, part of the fruit is often removed along with the stem. However, the little kitchen tool called a “stem remover” easily removes the stems of strawberries without taking part of the fruit with them. Depending on which model and what size the stem remover is, it can also be used on carrots, pineapple, and even to remove tomato stems.  

2. Cherry Pitter

Cherry and olive stoner on white background
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A Cherry pitter is another nifty kitchen tool that actually serves more purpose than just what its name implies. A cherry pitter can also be used to remove the pits of olives and dates. Note that in some cases, the juice from cherries may splash and, in turn, can cause staining to clothing. 

3. Apple Corer

An apple corer
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An apple corer is a helpful kitchen tool to have around for removing the core of certain fruits. Fruits, like apples and pears, are ensured to have all the seeds, center, and inedible parts removed. Moreover, it can also be used to remove seeds from things like peppers and tomatoes. 

4. Cake Cutter

Cake being sliced with handy kitchen device, next to plate and fork
Image Credit: YouTube

People spend a small fortune to hire someone to create incredibly adorable and delicious cakes. Or they spend hours baking and tediously decorating the cakes themselves. Either way, some cakes are unarguably masterpieces. However, the decor often gets smeared or falls apart while the cake is being cut into slices and the slices passed around to guests. There are cake servers that help keep the pieces intact, but they often condense and squish down, ruining the aesthetics. Luckily, there’s something else you can try. Oddly resembling a comb for removing lice, the cake cutter is a strange-looking, nevertheless helpful kitchen device to ensure each slice keeps its beautiful decor and stays intact and fluffy upon serving. 

5. Banana Slicer

banana slicer
Image Credit: Credit: YEmirth | Amazon

Although it’s not difficult to slice bananas, it is a tedious task that can be time-consuming. However, the banana slicer ensures evenly cut pieces that are all the same size and shape in a matter of only seconds. 

6. Herb Stripper

Herbs in a cup
Image Source: WREG News Channel3 | YouTube

This easy-to-use kitchen device will save time and ensure the most beautiful and flavorful dishes. Simply place the herb stems inside the kitchen device and pull. The mechanism will work to remove leaves from things like mint, rosemary, and thyme in a matter of seconds. Saving time and ensuring you get the most out of the flavor profile of your dish. Or to make elegant garnishes for drinks, cocktails, and plates.

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7. Butter Curler

Curled butter on a plate next to olive oil and herbs
Image Credit: Shutterstock

A butter curler is the kitchen device you didn’t know you needed. Not only does it ensure even portions of butter, but it also creates aesthetically pleasing and adorable little ribbons of butter, adding a touch of creativity to each plate or dish. Alternatively, like others on this list, the butter curler is a versatile little kitchen tool that can be used to create ribbons of chocolate or cheese shavings. 

8. Avocado Slicer

Avocado cut in half and pitted with three in one avocado preparation tool.
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Avocados are a very healthy, nutritious, and versatile fruit. They can be added to smoothies for a hidden boost of nutrients while also creating a smooth, creamy texture or used to make guacamole for dipping chips or veggie sticks, or spread over toast with a little of your favorite seasoning as well as added to salads or sliced with seasoning to be eaten on its own. However, the pit is seemingly always in the way, and the skin is a nightmare to peel. Fortunately, there are nifty kitchen tools like the avocado slicer that make meal prep so much easier.

Bottom Line

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In today’s world of ingenuity, there is a wide variety of kitchen device, designed to make holidays and meal preparation significantly easier than it has been in the past. These are tools and gadgets that our grandmothers would surely envy for their ease of use and versatility. Luckily, we’re alive to see, use, and test them, as well as watch videos for how to use them, meaning life in the kitchen just got a whole lot easier.


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