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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 7, 2023 ·  3 min read

7 Kids’ Homework Questions That Leave Parents Scratching Their Heads

Studying never really gets easier, regardless of how old we get. The reason is that the complexity of the subjects we cover increases proportionally to our age. However, using age to determine how much a student can understand can be faulty because everyone has their own pace of growth. As a result, it can cause errors in assigning homework, especially to the younger minds. In fact, some of them are so difficult that even their parents struggle to answer!

In such cases, it is the Internet that comes to the rescue

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After all, it is the largest collection of human intelligence ever in history. With social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, someone is almost guaranteed to provide a detailed explanation. Here are seven questions for kids’ homework that left the parents with no choice but to ask the Internet for help.

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1. Solve for X

Homework question 1
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The subject that most often leaves everyone puzzled is, to very little surprise, Mathematics and its branches. Of course, there is also no use in trying to justify the reasoning in these questions sometimes. Purely by mathematics and the unitary method, the solution should be 20 minutes. However, people were confused as to why the number of musicians in an orchestra would possibly affect the length of the piece. After all, musical pieces run for a definite length, regardless of the number of musicians performing them.

2. Geometry

Homework question 2
Image Credits: Manchester Evening News

Second on the list is another branch of Mathematics: Geometry. This time, the question asked students to calculate a shape’s perimeter based on the area covered by a different shape. The father, who had an A-level in Maths in Economics, admitted that he had even asked Mathematics teacher friends for help. None of them could solve it. Surprisingly, this was given as homework for a 10-year-old!

3. Math for Grade 1

Homework question 3
Image Credits: Twitter

This Mathematics problem hails from Singapore. Simply going by the question, it seems like the teacher knew the complexity of the question! Twitter spent a lot of time attempting answers, and apparently, everything pointed to there being a typo on the question itself. However, this one seems like the general answer:

Solution to 3
Image Credits: Twitter

4. Homework For A 6 Year Old

Homework question 4
Image Credits: Reddit

We already saw how complex the questions can be for a 10-year-old. Here is one for a 6-year-old. Surely, it will be easier? Tough luck, but this homework is even more vague and inconsistent. Reddit users were similarly confused. Eventually, the majority opinion decided that there must have been more information on the rest of the paper that had been left out in the image.

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5. Math or English Problem?

Homework question 5
Image Credits: Reddit

This is a mathematics problem for a Grade 3 elementary school student. For a Mathematics problem, the students are supposed to have definite numbers, not “some”. As such, Redditors thought up similarly vague answers such as “Less than 15”, and “She has some left”.

6. Homework for Kindergarten

Homework question 6
Image Credits: Reddit

We are nearing the end of the brain-scratching homework questions. Now, we are going even younger – to the supposed level of a Kindergartener. This one is an exercise in English vocabulary. As you can see, the question asks for the 3-letter word best describing the 4th question, containing the image of a rabbit with its kids inside a cage. After much thinking, a Reddit user provided the answer: “pet”. It’s simple, really, but definitely a lot harder for an adult.

7. English Image Puzzle

Homework question 7
Image Credits: Reddit

The final one for the day is from a Grade 1 student’s homework sheet. Redditors argued that the question’s technicality is the reason for the confusion. They explained that the “ending sound” does not mean a rhyming sound. As such, since the fin of a fish is being highlighted, it should be any word ending with “n.” In this case, the hamburger’s bun and the spoon would be appropriate answers. So, how many of them did you manage to solve? Let us know in the comments!

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