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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

A Kindergarten Boy Invited His Entire Class to His Adoption and My Heart Is Full

Teach your children to be kind, and giving. The hatred around us has no place in a child’s heart. And nothing proves that more than this story of a kindergarten boy. Five-year-old Michael from Michigan was about to go through one of the most important times of his life. In 2019, he was about to get adopted! And what better way to celebrate that than by inviting all his friends to that?

The youngster did finally join his new family, but the situation wasn’t as somber. Kent County court, where the adoption took place, took to Facebook to capture the incident. They uploaded a picture where Michael was seated with his adoptive parents. And if one were to look in the background, one would see all his friends waving at the camera. Interestingly, all his friends went on to introduce themselves in court, before the adoption took place. 

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Kindergarten Boy Gets Adopted- Invites His Class To Watch The Event

Steven, a boy from Michael’s kindergarten, stated, “Michael is my best friend.” Another girl from his class told the Judge, Patricia Gardner, “My name is Lily and I love Michael.” The teacher of the kindergarten explained why they were all there. “We began the school year as a family. Family doesn’t have to be DNA, because family is support and love.” It was a tearful scene when Michael and his parents banged the judge’s gavel. But what made it radiant was the cheers from his classmates. 

David Eaton, Michael’s adoptive father, informed, “He was really excited they were there. He views his classmates as his extended family so it was a highlight for him. He was definitely having fun there.

Image Credit: Holly Hernandez | Buzzfeed News

In August of 2019, David Eaton and his wife Andrea Melvin came across Michael. While they had plans of adopting a child- they never understood how Michael was such a good fit.

Eaton stated, “I was at a conference when my wife got the call and we felt it was the right move. She picked him up an hour later.” After meeting Michael for the first time, David was convinced. “It was pretty clear right off the bat that he was a really special kid.”

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An Outpouring of Support For The Kind Boy

With the picture on Facebook, there was an outpouring of love and emotion for the young boy from Kindergarten. A woman stated, “Me and my adopted mother. She adopted me and my biological sister and my big brother (not biological but still my brother) all by herself. She is the most amazing person.” Jamie Wingate, another commenter wrote, “This warms my heart because I know what it feels like being in that courtroom as a kid being adopted. God bless Michael and his new family.” Kathy Middleton also stated, “We adopted two. What a wonderful day with so many great people around you. Happy Adoption Day. This story made me cry tears of joy.

Image Credit: Carlye Allen | Buzzfeed News

One usually sees adoptions as being events that are private. But in 2019, the adoption of this kindergarten boy, and 35 other kids got the chance to express themselves. This also served as a campaign to raise awareness about foster care children. Eaton stated, “We told him that this will be his home forever and that you no longer have to go anywhere else or be taken somewhere else. He’s talked to me about that. It’s something that scares him, that he can be moved somewhere again.”

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