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Chantel Brink
March 28, 2024 ·  19 min read

45+ Eerie US Towns You Might Want to Avoid

Embark on a journey through the heartland of the United States, where quaint facades belie sinister undercurrents, and the ordinary harbors the extraordinary. In this exploration of eerie US towns scattered across the country, we delve into the shadows of America‘s lesser-known locales. Where whispers of the paranormal mingle with tales of unexplained phenomena. From isolated hamlets shrouded in mystery to once-thriving communities now haunted by their past, join us as we uncover the chilling stories behind these unsettling enclaves. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling odyssey through the eerie underbelly of the American landscape.

1. Denton, North Carolina: Unwelcome Encounters

north carolina on the map
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In Denton, North Carolina, a disconcerting experience unfolded for one individual entangled in the complexities of small-town life. A visit to a local BBQ joint with a resident companion quickly turned sour when a seemingly innocuous greeting revealed deeper, unsettling affiliations. It came to light that the greeter was none other than the wife of the local KKK’s grand dragon. Casting a shadow over the entire encounter. Coupled with sightings of nooses in yards during a drive through the town, the experience left an indelible mark of unease and alienation.

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2. Mooseheart, Illinois: Shadows of Neglect

Mooseheart, Illinois - United States - September 28th, 2021: The Moose International Supreme Lodge Administration Building on a beautiful Autumn afternoon.
Credit: Shutterstock

Mooseheart, Illinois, touted as a sanctuary for children, particularly orphans, harbors a troubling past obscured by its veneer of benevolence. Beneath the surface lies a history marred by accounts of maltreatment, including a harrowing sexual abuse case in 1994. These disturbing revelations cast doubt on the town’s purported noble intentions, painting a darker picture of neglect and exploitation.

3. Eastern Colorado: An Unwelcome Reception

Dirt road through the grassy plains of eastern Colorado. Blue sky, dark storm clouds and yellow grasses in the foreground with two stark trees on the horizon. Tall grasses on the high plains.
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The tranquil backdrop of Eastern Colorado in the early ’70s set the stage for an unsettling encounter for one family on a cross-country journey. A routine stop at a local cafe in a small town quickly spiraled into a chilling confrontation with hostile locals. Locals who exhibited open disdain for their perceived differences. A discreet warning from a sympathetic waitress hastened their departure, leaving behind a palpable atmosphere of animosity and prejudice.

4. Glenrio, New Mexico and Texas: Echoes of Abandonment

Glenrio, next to the TX-NM state line, USA.March 10 2019.Ghost town on Route 66.State Line Cafe, Gas Station, Texas Longhorn Motel .
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Glenrio, straddling the border of New Mexico and Texas along Route 66, stands as a haunting testament to bygone days. Amidst its decaying buildings and deserted streets, a pervasive sense of being watched hangs heavy in the air, instilling an eerie discomfort. Even the simplest exploration is thwarted by an overwhelming feeling of foreboding, leaving visitors with a lingering sense of unease.

5. Island Pond, Vermont: A Surreal Encounter

Fall Foliage View of Island Pond, Vermont
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Island Pond, Vermont, once the site of a curious visit for one individual and their family, offered an unsettling blend of silence and intrigue. Their inadvertent venture into a cafe with ties to a cult plunged them into an unsettling scene of construction and minimal offerings. The unsettling demeanor of the lone attendant only heightened their unease, prompting a swift departure from the surreal tableau.

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6. Harrison, Arkansas: A Legacy of Division

Harrison, Arkansas, USA - October 28th, 2021: Historical Hotel Seville in downtown
Credit: Shutterstock

Harrison, Arkansas, bears the scars of a tumultuous history marked by racial tension and division. Formerly adorned with provocative billboards espousing white pride, the town remains mired in underlying racial tensions. A testament to its troubled past and uncertain present.

7. Mack, Colorado: A Descent into Darkness

Mack Colorado USA- April 2023: oil pipes running along the roads next to some buildings.
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Mack, Colorado, became the backdrop for a chilling encounter steeped in desolation and dread. A routine stop for gas quickly devolved into a nightmarish ordeal as the town’s unsettling atmosphere and inhabitants instilled a sense of foreboding. A harrowing escape from its clutches left an indelible impression of horror and warning.

8. Scotland, Indiana: Frozen in Time

The Leaderfoot Viaduct, also known as the Drygrange Viaduct, is a railway viaduct over the River Tweed near Melrose in the Scottish Borders. Recently the film set for Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones five
Credit: Shutterstock

Scotland, Indiana, offered a glimpse into a town frozen in time. Its streets are devoid of life and its atmosphere is suffused with an eerie stillness. Amidst decaying banners and haunting mannequins, a sense of unease gripped visitors, hastening their desire to escape its spectral embrace.

9. Pella, Iowa: The Grip of Conservatism

Pella, Iowa, USA - May 3, 2017. Pella's dutch community celebrates during Tulip Time, a festival dedicated to the citizens who immigrated from the Netherlands to America.
Credit: Shutterstock

Pella, Iowa, exuded an aura of conservatism tinged with the specter of cult-like adherence to tradition. Its insular nature and guarded churches served as stark reminders of the town’s rigid beliefs. Stifling dissent and fostering an atmosphere of apprehension and exclusion.

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10. Colorado Springs, Colorado: A Legacy of Prejudice

Colorado Springs Entry Monument
Credit: Shutterstock

Colorado Springs, Colorado, bore witness to a tumultuous upbringing for one individual, marred by pervasive bigotry and discrimination. Against a backdrop of fundamentalist ideology and unchecked prejudice, the town fostered an environment of hostility and exclusion. Leaving lasting scars on its inhabitants.

11. Adams, Tennessee: The Bell Witch’s Domain

ADAMS, TN - APRIL 4: Downtown Adams, TN as seen on April 4th, 2014. The town's downtown has become a ghost town and reflects the recent downturn in this area of rural Tennessee.
Credit: Shutterstock

Shrouded in the mystique of the Bell Witch legend, Adams, Tennessee evoked an atmosphere of palpable unease for one visitor. The disconcerting gaze of its inhabitants, coupled with an inexplicable sense of foreboding, left an indelible mark on their memory of the town.

12. New Square, New York: A Cloistered Existence

New York City street road in Manhattan at summer time. Urban big city life concept background.
Credit: Shutterstock

New Square, New York, emerged as a bastion of insularity. Its ultra-orthodox Hasidic population fosters an environment of isolation and suspicion. With strict adherence to tradition and limited interaction with outsiders, the town’s insular nature gave rise to tales of exclusion and societal division.

13. Cinco Ranch, Texas: A Haunting Emptiness

An old truck with a sign in its bed providing directions and a listing events in Luckenbach - Luckenbach, Texas, USA - May 5, 2019
Credit: Shutterstock

Cinco Ranch, Texas, stood as a testament to eerie desolation, its empty streets devoid of life or activity. The absence of inhabitants, coupled with unsettling remarks from locals, painted a picture of a community veiled in secrecy and exclusion. Prompting a hasty retreat from its unsettling embrace.

14. Hines, Oregon: Canine Intuition

Hines, Oregon, USA - November 23rd, 2022: Hines Pine Mill House Bed and Breakfast
Credit: Shutterstock

Along the highway in Hines, Oregon, lies a seemingly innocuous spot with a public park and abandoned church nearby. Despite the town’s outwardly benign appearance, a peculiar phenomenon emerges when dogs enter the vicinity. Numerous accounts attest to dogs exhibiting signs of distress and fear, prompting swift exits from the area. While the exact cause remains elusive, this recurring pattern has left both locals and passing travelers puzzled by its enigmatic nature.

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15. Coos Bay, Oregon: A Night of Unease

November 1, 2019: Coos Bay Oregon, aerial Pacific Highway 101 going through town
Credit: Shutterstock

A single night spent in Coos Bay, Oregon, left an indelible mark on one traveler’s memory. Tinged with discomfort and apprehension. From a motel clerk’s discriminatory refusal to rent a room to two women to the unsettling discovery of blood-stained towels, the experience exuded an aura of disquiet. Amidst the eerie ambiance, only the presence of a familiar chain restaurant offered a semblance of normalcy. Underscoring the unnerving nature of their brief sojourn in the early 2000s.

16. Woodland Park, Colorado: The Charlatan’s Domain

Woodland Park is a Mountain Town in Colorado
Credit: Shutterstock

In Woodland Park, Colorado, a shadow looms over the tranquil landscape in the form of an unaccredited “bible college” founded by a dubious figure. Exploiting the vulnerabilities of his followers, this self-proclaimed healer preys on their trust, extracting exorbitant sums under pretenses. As tales of manipulation and entrapment spread, concerns mount over the encroaching influence of this modern-day charlatan. Echoing parallels with other communities ensnared in his web of deceit.

17. Interlachen, Florida: The Enigma of Abandoned Streets

Interlachen, Florida USA - June 25, 2022: Aerial view of a home surrounded by trees
Credit: Shutterstock

In the remote outskirts of Interlachen, Florida, lies a peculiar anomaly concealed amidst the verdant foliage. A labyrinth of deserted dirt roads etched into the landscape. Despite their apparent existence on digital maps, these forlorn thoroughfares lead to nowhere, punctuating the desolate terrain with eerie reminders of a failed endeavor. As curious travelers navigate this ghostly enclave, speculation abounds regarding the enigmatic origins of its abandoned streets. Shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

18. Laytonville, California: The Dark Heart of Hippie Utopia

Laytonville, United States - February 2020: a road in a small and calm mountain town in California
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled amidst California’s rugged landscape, Laytonville once thrived as a haven for countercultural ideals, embraced by a community of free spirits and idealists. However, the passage of time has cast a pall over this idyllic vision. Giving rise to a climate of hostility and lawlessness. Amidst the clash of rival factions—from bikers to cartels and self-styled overlords—the town’s once-peaceful facade has been shattered. Leaving behind a legacy of danger and disillusionment.

19. Rhyolite, Nevada: Echoes of Violence

Rhyolite Mercantile, Abandoned shop in Ghost town Rhyolite, Nevada, USA
Credit: Shutterstock

The ghostly remnants of Rhyolite, Nevada, conceal a chilling secret beneath their weathered façade. A hostility that transcends the boundaries of time. For one unsuspecting visitor in the early ’90s, a routine exploration of this abandoned town took a harrowing turn when met with gunfire from an unknown assailant. Fleeing the scene in haste, they left behind a haunting reminder of the enduring violence that lingers within the shadows of Rhyolite’s deserted streets.

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20. Pulaski, Tennessee: A Town Enshrouded in Infamy

Pulaski, Tennessee, USA - June 23, 2017: Historic downtown Pulaski, Tennessee a typical Appalachian small town.
Credit: Shutterstock

Pulaski, Tennessee, bears the weight of a notorious legacy. Stemming from its ignominious role as the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. Despite the passage of time, the town’s dark history continues to cast a long shadow, perpetuating an atmosphere of unease and suspicion. From its rundown streets to whispered rumors of lingering segregationist attitudes, Pulaski remains a cautionary tale of unresolved tensions and lingering prejudices.

21. Bullhead City, Arizona: The Descent into Desolation

Laughlin, NV / USA – February 17, 2020: On the Colorado River, a viewing shelter for The Davis Dam north of Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona.
Credit: Shutterstock

Across the river from Laughlin, Nevada, lies Bullhead City, Arizona, a once-promising frontier now marred by decay and despair. In the shadows of abandoned storefronts and dilapidated buildings, the specter of substance abuse looms large, casting a pall over the town’s dwindling population. Amidst the cacophony of sirens and the unsettling sight of unconscious figures strewn across deserted streets, Bullhead City stands as a testament to the ravages of neglect and addiction.

22. Monticello, Mississippi: The Mask of False Cheer

Monticello is a small farming community on the Mississippi River in Northern Minnesota
Credit: Shutterstock

Monticello, Mississippi, veils its secrets behind a facade of false cheer, masking a darkness that lurks beneath its picturesque exterior. For one observer, the town’s unsettling atmosphere resonated with an unsettling sense of surreality, hinting at hidden truths obscured by layers of manufactured happiness. As whispers of cult activity and clandestine abuse surface, Monticello emerges as a cautionary tale of the dangers lurking behind the facade of small-town tranquility.

23. Guffy, Colorado: A Haunting Transformation

Colorado mountains and canyon views
Credit: Shutterstock

Once a quaint retreat in the Colorado wilderness, Guffy bore witness to a disturbing metamorphosis that shattered its idyllic charm. For one traveler revisiting the town of their parents’ dreams, the passage of time revealed a macabre spectacle of decay and desolation. From cow skulls strewn across barren landscapes to the haunting sight of skeletal remains adorning horse-drawn carriages, Guffy’s transformation into a ghostly enclave left an indelible mark of horror and disbelief.

24. Kemmerer, Wyoming: A Welcome Worn Thin

Kemmerer, Wyoming - July 24, 2014: The Dome Inside the Lincoln County Courthouse
Credit: Shutterstock

In Kemmerer, Wyoming, the veneer of hospitality belies an undercurrent of prejudice and suspicion, readily evident to unsuspecting visitors. For one group of musicians seeking respite in a local music store, the reception was anything but warm, marred by thinly veiled hostility and racial insinuations. Amidst the stark landscapes of the open pit mine, Kemmerer’s unwelcoming embrace serves as a stark reminder of the enduring divisions that permeate its seemingly tranquil facade.

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25. Heritage USA: Echoes of Exclusion

Oglesby, Illinois - United States - July 19th, 2022: Carnival ride at the Oglesby Fun Fest in Oglesby, Illinois.
Credit: Shutterstock

The legacy of Heritage USA, the brainchild of televangelist Jim Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye, is tinged with an unsettling undercurrent of exclusion. For one young journalist tasked with exploring the newly opened theme park in the mid-’80s, the experience was fraught with apprehension. Amidst the attractions and crowds, a pervasive sense of being unwelcome lingered, prompting constant vigilance and unease. Though the journalist’s voice has been silenced, their story serves as a haunting reminder of the barriers that once shadowed this purported beacon of faith.

26. Newburg, Missouri: Enforced Separation

Credit: Shutterstock

In the small town of Newburg, Missouri, love comes at a steep price, as one unfortunate soul discovered firsthand. Engaged in a relationship deemed taboo by local standards, they faced a chilling ultimatum from the town’s authority figures. A stark warning of impending danger should they dare defy the established norms. In a community rife with whispers of violence and intimidation, the bonds of affection are shackled by the ever-present specter of coercion and control.

27. Pecos, Texas: A Hostile Welcome

The high bridge over the Pecos River on highway 90 near Del Rio
Credit: Shutterstock

The sun-scorched streets of Pecos, Texas, offer little respite for weary travelers, as one intrepid soul learned during a fateful journey through the West Texas town. Amidst the omnipresent shadow of the oil and gas industry, a routine pit stop descended into a surreal ordeal marked by blatant misogyny and hostility. Confronted by a jarring display of gender policing in the most mundane of settings, the traveler’s fleeting encounter with Pecos leaves an indelible impression of discomfort and bewilderment.

28. Las Vegas, New Mexico: Midnight Madness

Historic San Miguel del Vado Church in New Mexico
Credit: Shutterstock

In the heart of Las Vegas, New Mexico, the celebratory air of New Year’s Eve gives way to a nightmarish ordeal for one young family. Amidst the chaos of the holiday festivities, a chance encounter with inebriated locals escalates into a terrifying pursuit. Punctuated by threats and acts of aggression. Against a backdrop of gunfire and mechanical malfunctions, the family’s desperate flight from the clutches of danger serves as a sobering reminder of the perils lurking within the darkness of the night.

29. Vidor, Texas: A Symphony of Hate

Flag of the State of Texas painted on grungy wooden background
Credit: Shutterstock

In the somber aftermath of tragedy, the town of Vidor, Texas, bears witness to a chilling display of bigotry and hostility. Amidst the mournful strains of a funeral dirge, the air thickens with animosity. A venomous refrain echoes through the dimly lit barroom. With each repetition of a hateful anthem, the specter of racism looms large. Casting a pall of unease over the solemn proceedings and serving as a stark reminder of the enduring divisions that plague the community.

30. Mount Ida, Arkansas: Crystalline Facade, Dark Reality

Mount Ida and some mountain lakes, seen from the Forest Canyon Overlook
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Arkansas lies the deceptive allure of Mount Ida, a town veiled in the shimmering facade of quartz crystals and quaint charm. Yet beneath its surface lies a sinister undercurrent of racial animosity and exclusion. Perpetuated by the echoes of a bygone era. From the clandestine gatherings of the Ku Klux Klan to the insidious embrace of sundown policies, Mount Ida’s pristine exterior belies a troubled past and an uncertain future.

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31. Adams, Tennessee: The Silent Watchers

ADAMS, US - Jul 16, 2021: The men with various vintage Case Steam Tractors attending Tennessee Kentucky Threshermen Show 2021
Credit: Shutterstock

In the quiet streets of Adams, Tennessee, the presence of outsiders is met with a disquieting silence, punctuated by lingering stares and whispered suspicions. For one couple seeking respite within its borders, a simple meal becomes a harrowing ordeal as the weight of scrutiny bears down upon them. With each passing moment, the sense of foreboding grows. Driving them to flee the suffocating embrace of the town’s inscrutable inhabitants. In the shadow of Adams’ watchful gaze, the line between curiosity and menace blurs. Leaving behind only memories of unease and uncertainty.

32. McCarthy, Alaska: Shadows of Isolation

Kennicott Mine in McCarthy Alaska is an abandoned copper mine and UNESCO world heritage site
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled amidst the rugged wilderness of Alaska lies the isolated enclave of McCarthy, a town steeped in solitude and suspicion. For one family venturing into its midst, the idyllic facade gives way to a chilling encounter with the town’s enigmatic denizens. Amidst the dilapidated structures and desolate streets, a sense of abandonment pervades, accompanied by the haunting specter of past violence. As the echoes of tragedy reverberate through McCarthy’s empty corridors, the family’s fleeting visit serves as a stark reminder of the isolation and desolation that define this remote outpost.

33. Vermillion, Ohio: Twilight of Unease

VERMILION, OHIO, USA - JANUARY 04, 2014: Businesses on Main St incldue Carolnn Marie Designs,and Clare's Stiutching Post, on a cold, winter day.
Credit: Shutterstock

During a youth group expedition in 2009, a stopover in Vermillion, Ohio, presented a picturesque facade that belied an unsettling undercurrent. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the tranquility of the day gave way to a disquieting swarm of enormous winged insects, casting a pall over the once-charming streets. With locals mysteriously vanishing into the night and rumors of an abandoned theater haunting the town, Vermillion left an indelible mark of unease on its visitors. Transcending its idyllic appearance to reveal a darker, more ominous side.

34. Leith, North Dakota: A Sanctuary for Supremacists

A snowstorm passes thru fargo, North dakota in winter.
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled in the quiet expanse of North Dakota, Leith stands as a chilling testament to the encroachment of hate and bigotry. Once a quiet haven, this small town has been overrun by the insidious influence of white supremacists. Those who seek to mold it into a bastion of racial intolerance and hatred. As the shadows of extremism darken its streets, Leith becomes a battleground for the soul of America, facing the nation with the stark reality of bias and division lurking within its heartland.

35. West Plains, Missouri: Echoes of Exclusion

Farm fields seen from a road-trip through Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming, in the Midwest of the United States of America
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled within the quiet confines of West Plains, Missouri, lies a community suspended in time. Where the absence of diversity speaks volumes. For one traveler, the realization of this sameness is accompanied by a disturbing revelation: the lingering presence of the Ku Klux Klan. Casting a shadow of suspicion over the town’s quaint facade. Amidst the whispers of exclusion and the real sense of unease, West Plains emerges as a place where the echoes of the past roll through its insular streets. Leaving an uneasy impression on those who dare to wander its boundaries.

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36. Elizabethtown, Kentucky: An Unwelcome Reception

Elizabethtown, Kentucky United States - October 15 2023: the historic buildings in the townscape of Elizabethtown
Credit: Shutterstock

In the heart of Kentucky, Elizabethtown is an unexpected tableau of discomfort and exclusion for one traveler and his son. Upon entering a local establishment, their presence as olive-skinned Puerto Ricans amidst a sea of white faces elicits a real tension, as curious stares and whispered conversations envelop them. Amidst the uncomfortable silence, the simple act of ordering coffee becomes a testament to the town’s unwelcoming atmosphere. Prompting a hasty retreat and a lingering sense of unease. In a place where diversity is met with suspicion, Elizabethtown stands as a stark reminder of the barriers that still divide communities across America.

37. Fallon, Nevada: Oasis of Isolation

Fallon, Nevada - July 13, 2019: Sign for the abandoned Sahara Motel in the desert of Nevada. Mid-century style sign
Credit: Shutterstock

In the vast expanse of Nevada, Fallon emerges as an oasis for those seeking solace amidst the dust and desolation. With its emu ranches and remote vistas, the town offers a refuge from the chaos of modern life, where time seems to stand still amidst the arid landscape. For those who call Fallon home, the isolation is a source of comfort and peace. A testament to the stable allure of the American West.

38. Lynchburg, Virginia: A Nexus of Influence

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.
Credit: Shutterstock

In the heart of Virginia lies Lynchburg, a town steeped in the legacy of religious fervor and political power. As the home of Jerry Falwell and Liberty University, Lynchburg serves as a bastion of conservative ideology. Where faith and politics mesh to shape the course of American history. Yet beneath its veneer of piety lies a darker truth, as allegations of corruption and exploitation cast a shadow over the town’s revered institutions. In a place where faith and politics collide, Lynchburg emerges as a nexus of influence. Its impact echoes far beyond its borders.

39. The Villages, Florida: A Stepford Community

The Villages, Florida/USA - June 2, 2020 - The Villages entrance sign, a retirement community, surrounded by colorful flowers, brick pillars and pine trees on a sunny summer day.
Credit: Shutterstock

In the meticulously planned landscape of The Villages, Florida, the idyllic facade of retirement living belies a disquieting undercurrent of homogeneity and exclusivity. As a haven for predominantly white, boomer residents, this sprawling compound echoes with the echoes of Stepford Wives. Its manicured lawns and themed “town squares” mask a deeper sense of conformity and political allegiance. Amidst the orchestrated charm, the specter of partisan influence looms large. As The Villages becomes a recurring stop for conservative politicians and media figures alike.

40. Redding, California: Tales of Aliens and Cults

Old bridge over the creek on Sacramento River Trail in Redding, California
Credit: Shutterstock

Nestled amidst the rugged terrain of California lies Redding, a town steeped in folklore and eccentricity. From whispered tales of extraterrestrial inhabitants on Mount Shasta to the recent arrival of a Christian cult, Redding has become a magnet for the unusual and the enigmatic. As curious characters and devout believers converge on its streets, the town’s reputation as a nexus of the bizarre continues to grow. Casting a surreal shadow over its tranquil surroundings.

41. St John’s, Arizona: Echoes of Unease

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - June 13th 2011: Statue of Pope John Paul II at Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Virginia G. Piper Plaza near St. Mary's Basilica in Phoenix Arizona
Credit: Shutterstock

In the quaint town of St John’s, Arizona, the echoes of a troubled past resonate amidst the picturesque landscape. For one visitor, a sense of unease pervades every corner, from the idyllic vistas to the cramped confines of a makeshift lodging. Amidst tales of tragic violence and unsettling encounters, St John’s emerges as a place steeped in mystery and apprehension. Its serene facade masks a darker reality beneath.

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42. Corinth, Mississippi: Veiled Hostility

Corinth, Mississippi -2023: Corinth Contraband Camp, Shiloh National Military Park. Many African-Americans who fled Southern plantations sought freedom at Union occupied sites. Greeter statue and sign
Credit: Shutterstock

In the heart of Mississippi lies the quaint town of Corinth, a place where southern charm meets an undercurrent of unease. For one traveler and her sister, a fleeting visit reveals a community shrouded in secrecy and suspicion. From the watchful eyes of its residents to the palpable tension in the air, Corinth exudes an aura of discomfort and foreboding. Leaving an indelible impression on those who dare to wander its streets.

43. Gary, Indiana: Shadows of Desolation

Gary, Indiana, USA - March 28, 2022: Afternoon light shines on crumbling houses and a vacant lot in downtown Gary.
Credit: Shutterstock

In the dead of night, the lonely streets of Gary, Indiana, bear witness to a haunting void that belies its urban landscape. For one traveler passing through its silent streets, the absence of life is real. As the darkness envelops every corner in a shroud of uncertainty. Amidst whispers of crime and urban decay, Gary emerges as a place where the shadows reign supreme. Casting a chilling pall over its vacant streets.

44. Gold Hill, Colorado: Fleeing the Past

Cripple Creek, Colorado - September 16, 2020: Downtown cityscape view of the tourist gambling town high in the Rocky Mountains, known for its gold mining
Credit: Shutterstock

Amidst the rugged terrain of Colorado lies Gold Hill, a relic of the countercultural movements of the 1960s. For one traveler passing through its quaint streets, the aura of a bygone era lingers. Casting a surreal spell over its sleepy confines. From the hastily abandoned gas station to the real sense of unease, Gold Hill serves as a reminder of a time long past. Its memories haunt those who dare to tread its holy ground.

45. Rainbow, California: Neonazis and Neon Lights

Rainbow Bridge in Folsom California in the early morning with green trees along the river banks and big boulders reflecting in the water
Credit: Shutterstock

In the dusty corridors of Rainbow, California, the neon lights of a vintage truck stop shine a scene fraught with tension and unease. For one unsuspecting visitor, a routine lunch stop takes a sinister turn as the presence of neo-Nazis and bikers becomes apparent. Amidst the hum of conversation and clatter of cutlery, the air is thick with hatred. Leaving a lingering sense of misery in its wake.

46. Provo, Utah: Outsiders in a Sea of Conformity

Provo, Utah, USA downtown on Center Street at dusk.
Credit: Shutterstock

In the heart of Utah lies Provo, a town steeped in the traditions of the LDS Church. For one couple venturing into its midst, the stares of its mostly Mormon population serve as a constant reminder of their status as outsiders. Amidst the pervasive sense of conformity, the couple’s presence stands out as a glaring anomaly. Casting them adrift in a sea of strange faces and unspoken judgments.

47. Citrus County, Florida: A Cold Welcome

Crates of freshly picked lemons ready for shipping, in the Salinas Valley of central California, in Monterey County,
Credit: Shutterstock

In the enclave of Citrus County, Florida, the embrace of community comes at a steep price for those who dare to defy its insular norms. For one resident, the isolation and resistance of its cult-affiliated churches serve as a stark reminder of the cost of dissent. Amidst the lip service and empty gestures, a sense of alienation reigns supreme. Leaving them stranded in a sea of hate and apathy.

48. Trade, Tennessee: A Desolate Crossroads

Freight containers with Tennessee flag, clouds background
Credit: Shutterstock

In the forgotten hamlet of Trade, Tennessee, the passage of time has left its mark on the lonely landscape. For one traveler passing through its vacant confines, the sight of an old gas station serves as a haunting reminder of a bygone era. Amidst the eerie silence of its streets, the specter of The Shining looms large. Casting a pall of unease over its abandoned thoroughfares.

49. Gloucester, Massachusetts: Silent Shunning

Gloucester, MA, USA - July 27, 2020: Fisherman's Memorial Cenotaph, also known as "Man at the Wheel" statue, on South Stacy Boulevard
Credit: Shutterstock

In the coastal town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, the warmth of hospitality gives way to a chilling silence for one unsuspecting visitor. Amidst the bustling streets and bustling markets, a sense of alienation pervades, leaving them adrift in a sea of cold faces. From rumors to pointed glances, Gloucester emerges as a place where outsiders are met with cold disregard, their presence an icky intrusion upon the town’s insular community.

50. Colfax, Illinois: A Whisper of Menace

DENVER, COLORADO - JANUARY 16, 2020: Colfax Ave installation. Colfax Avenue is the longest street in the USA - 49.5 mi (79.7 km)
Credit: Shutterstock

In the forgotten town of Colfax, Illinois, the echoes of the past linger amidst the crumbling facades and faded signs. For one traveler venturing into its midst, the atmosphere is saturated with a real sense of unease. From the eerie silence of its streets to the cryptic responses of its residents, Colfax exudes an aura of menace, leaving behind only whispered tales of a town lost to time.

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