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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
March 19, 2024 ·  3 min read

23 Fascinating Guides That Teach You More In Pictures Than Any Parenting Book

Parenting is like a constant journey of learning. No matter how many books you read or videos you watch, when it comes to raising kids, sometimes a visual guide can be more helpful than words. The r/coolguides subreddit is a treasure trove of these helpful resources that offer unique and interesting ways to navigate the challenges of parenting.1 Here are 23 awesome guides that might just make your parenting journey a little smoother:

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Genetics For Dummies

Credit: No-eye-9491 / Reddit

Ever wondered about the basics of genetics? This guide simplifies it all for you.

The Plural Of Fish

Credit: Realistic_Lie_ / Reddit

This is an interesting guide that sheds light on the plural form of “fish.”

Er Nurse Here! Here’s A Simple Guide On CPR techniques for Infants, Children, And Adults

Credit: Tacotriage / Reddit

An essential guide that demonstrates CPR techniques for different age groups.

What To Do If A Child Discloses Sexual Abuse

Credit: Thenewyorkgod / Reddit

A crucial guide for handling a sensitive and challenging situation.

The Cousin Explainer

Credit: Jonyoloswag / Reddit

Understanding family relations is made easy with this guide.

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How An Infant Views The World

Credit: Zosereruppatt1 / Reddit

Have you ever wondered how infants perceive the world? This guide offers insight.

Simple Reminder When Walking Pets Or Barefoot Kids

Credit: Thenewyorkgod / Reddit

A handy guide for avoiding burns when walking pets or kids in hot weather.

How To Recognize Various Bug Bites

Credit: Treetreeroot / Reddit

Learn to identify different bug bites and know what to watch out for.

Modeling Disagreement For Children

Credit: Jedorawr / Reddit

Teaching kids healthy ways to disagree through a visually engaging guide.

My Body Safety Rules: How To Talk To Your Kids About Safe Touching

Credit: Vampedvixen / Reddit

An essential guide for discussing safe touching with children.

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Speaking To Children, And Honestly Adults

Credit: Rynnmango / Reddit

Valuable advice on how to phrase instructions positively for better understanding by kids.

What To Say To Kids Instead Of “Be Careful!”

Credit: Calmgalaxy / Reddit

Tips on how to encourage children without resorting to caution.

This Is What 10cm Dilated Actually Looks Like

Credit: Salty-photo-57 / Reddit

For expectant parents, this visual guide might provide a clear idea of what to expect during childbirth.

Raise A Body-Positive Kid

Credi: Bonboniru / Reddit

Encouraging body positivity in children through simple steps.

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15 Life Skills For Kids Before Leaving Home

Credit: AuroreDml / Reddit

A list of crucial life skills that kids should learn before they leave home.

Baby Feeding Cues

Credit: RamRedEdwin / Reddit

Learn to recognize cues when your baby is hungry.

A Cool Guide On Common Type Of Bites Problems In Children

Credit: Guliomagnifico / Reddit

An informative guide on common types of bites that children might encounter.

Just A Reminder Of This Cool Trick

Credit: Ollieoliverx000 / Reddit

A guide that might come in handy in various situations.

Abusive Behaviours Of Narcissistic Parents

Credit: Fragmentedthoughts / Reddit

Recognizing signs of abusive behaviors in narcissistic parents.

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Teaching Kids About Money

Credit: Bonboniru / Reddit

Tips and tricks for teaching kids about financial literacy.

Tips To Build Emotional Resilience In Kids

Credit: Bonboniru / Reddit

Techniques to help kids develop emotional resilience.

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Why Children Need To Read Every Night

Credit: LyricalWillow / Reddit

This guide emphasizes the importance of nightly reading for kids.

9 Things To Say To Your Anxious Child

Credit: Bonboniru / Reddit

Helpful phrases to support an anxious child positively.

Each of these guides offers a unique perspective on parenting challenges and solutions. They serve as handy references, providing a visual aid to tackle everyday parenting situations. Whether you’re a new parent or have years of experience, there’s always something new to learn and explore in the world of parenting!

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