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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

TikToker says she’s ‘suing’ her parents for having her without her permission

Today’s age can be a serious drag sometimes. There is so much that one can be judged for that it leads to a lot of irritation, anger, sadness, and depression. Sometimes, one just needs a good old-fashioned comedian to bring out the laughter in us. However, many people take things far too seriously, like in this TikTok video posted by a mother. She posted a video about suing her own parents for bringing her into existence.

A woman is ‘suing’ her parents

Kass Theas is a TikTok user who has found a niche in posting some seriously hilarious content. She has a knack for satirical commentary, which she so expertly displays in her videos. There are many videos to watch with amusement on her TikTok page: @isatandstared, but one that has stood out amongst the rest. She posted about suing her parents for giving birth to her.

Woman jokes about suing her parents for conceiving her
Image credit: TikTok / Kass Theaz

The video shows Kass sitting in her car, replying to a comment from a user who seemed surprised at the fact that she has kids. She said it was probably because she was suing her own parents for bringing her into the world that caused the surprise. She continued to explain why she was suing her parents. “I just want to make a couple of things clear here,” she said. “My parents that I sued, they contributed to conceiving me. And my mother that raised me, and she gave birth to me. That’s why I sued them, because I did not consent to being here.”

Next, she said: “I was not aware that I was going to have to grow up and get a job and support myself.” Moreover, she said: “They didn’t try to contact me in any way before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here.”

This confused Some people because she has posted videos about her own children. But, according to Kass, she is not responsible for them being in this world as she adopted them. Bearing in mind everything she says is based on satirical humor.

Woman jokes about suing her parents for conceiving her
Image credit: TikTok / Kass Theaz

What Does Satire Mean?

Satire humor can be tricky to understand, and many people are often left in the dark. Especially when the joke takes a darker twist. According to the Cambridge University Press definition, “satire,” means: “a humorous way of criticizing people or ideas to show that they have faults or are wrong, or a piece of writing or a play that uses this style.”

In other words, satire means taking an aspect of someone or a group of people, and making fun of it. It is the art of highlighting the faults that human beings portray and making light of them through downright honesty.

Woman jokes about suing her parents for conceiving her
Image credit: TikTok / Kass Theaz

Comments on Kass for Suing her Parents

Unfortunately, many people who saw her video commented without clicking that she might not be entirely serious. Even though her face does not flinch with any hint of a smile or a laugh, she is 100% joking about the fact that she’s suing her parents. One of the hashtags that she added to the caption was: #satire.

One person commented. Although, it is unclear whether they realized Kass’s video was satirical humor. They wrote: “Omg….are you freaking serious right now? WOW just WOW!!!!!!!!!” Another commented: “The further I listen the more wild it gets what the actual hell!!!”

Some people seemed to click that Kass’s video is not based on serious truth. But on sarcastic satire humor. One person with a good sense of humor wrote: “Bahahaha , you kept a straight face through all of this?” Lastly, another jokingly commented back: “Good for you girl! Hope you get every last cent! How dare they! The nerve…”

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