Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 7, 2024 ·  2 min read

Woman Goes On Blind Date and Invites 23 Family Members to Dinner to Test Her Date’s Generosity

A woman’s attempt to test her date’s generosity took an unexpected turn when her plan went awry. In an unconventional move, she decided to bring along 23 family members to their blind date, hoping to assess her date’s willingness to share. However, what ensued was far from what she had anticipated.

The Failed Blind Date Test

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The woman’s scheme, although bold, proved to be ill-conceived. Her date, known as Mr. Lui had wanted to impress Miss Zhang by offering to treat her and her relatives at one of his favorite restaurants. However, he was taken aback when confronted with not just her presence but that of her entire extended family, which amounted to 23 members. Understandably, Mr. Lui balked at the prospect of footing the bill for such a large gathering, leading to an uncomfortable situation.

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Setting the Stage

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The setting for this awkward encounter was a restaurant in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, as reported by the local paper Taizhou Evening News. The woman’s intentions, albeit questionable, stemmed from a desire to gauge Mr. Lui’s willingness to share and provide for her family. However, her execution of this plan left much to be desired, especially since it was a blind date.

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A Costly Blind Date

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As the meal progressed, it became evident that Mr. Lui was not on board with the woman’s test of generosity. Instead of graciously accepting the burden of the bill, he made an abrupt exit, leaving the woman to face the consequences alone. The bill, totaling a substantial 20,000 yuan (or, $3,100), was now solely her responsibility, a bitter outcome for her attempt at a test.

A Further Fight

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However, Zhang did not just leave it there. The partner, jilted by how the blind date went, even went on to file a lawsuit against Mr. Liu. The court ruled that Mr. Liu should only pay 1400 yuan of the bill.

A Lesson Learned

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In hindsight, the woman’s attempt to assess her date’s generosity was not only unsuccessful but also costly. While she may have had noble intentions, her method of testing Mr. Lui’s character backfired spectacularly. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder that honesty and communication are key in any relationship, rather than elaborate tests of character.

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