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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 20, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Sends Chilling Warning About Facebook MarketPlace After Trying to Sell Clothes

Online shopping has become one of the most popular methods through which people buy things like home goods, clothing, or in some cases, groceries. However, online shopping also offers another convenience: the option to buy secondhand directly from the seller. As such, OfferUp, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace soared in popularity. But like all good things, there’s bound to be at least one downside. One woman from Australia is shedding light on a Facebook Marketplace experience, and it’s sounding alarm bells for women everywhere.

Dangers of Facebook Marketplace

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Cheyenne Skye, from Melbourne, Australia, recently warned women using Facebook Marketplace, sharing an experience that left her feeling unsettled. She disclosed that she was trying to sell a pair of Doc Martin’s when she got a message from someone less interested in purchasing the shoes and more interested in paying her to do unsavory acts.

Skye shared the experience with viewers on her TikTok channel. “Turns out you can sell your shoes on Marketplace without actually selling them, and still make money.” She said. “This person messaged me saying ‘Hey this might sound a little strange but if I paid you $50 on the spot would you be able to meet up at a park or something and let me lick the soles of the boots? Totally weird but I will genuinely pay you for it.”

@_cheyenneskye_ You can make money from selling shoes on Facebook marketplace without actually selling them? 😅 #shoetok #facebookmarketplace #weird ♬ original sound – Cheyenne

Initially, her post in Facebook Marketplace was $200 for the shoes. Noting that she planned to use the money toward a nose job, she then explained, “He increased his price to $100”, after she ignored the first message. “Exhibit two, ‘It might be a little strange but may I lick your boots when you are wearing them?’” She continued.

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Other Odd Requests

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Unfortunately, her Facebook Marketplace experience increased in weirdness as the man asked her to get the boots dirty and lick them. However, this wasn’t the only bizarre offer she’d gotten on Facebook Marketplace. Another man offered to pay her for pictures of herself in a body suit.

Unsurprisingly, women everywhere have had their own unsettling, even dangerous, experiences with Facebook Marketplace, and fans urged her to be careful.

Not an Isolated Occurrence

Sadly, this isn’t the only case in which a woman has faced what might be considered harassment on Facebook Marketplace. A woman commented on Cheyenne’s post that she was selling some clothing online, and when the man came to pick it up, he also asked her about her intimates.

Meanwhile, another woman encountered a man with a “zipper fetish” when she was trying to sell a pair of jeans that no longer fit. He asked her about her other pairs of jeans and their zippers, offering to buy them all from her.

Apparently, he said, “Can you send me a pic of the zip on those if that’s possible? I’m happy to pay what you want if you want more for them.” She disclosed, regarding the message she’d received. The man then shared with her that his interest was in the letters stamped on the zipper. “I’m guessing you’re curious about why the zip, I hope there’s no judgment. I love YKK zippers so much on women’s jeans. I hope that’s alright.” He added.

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Facebook Marketplace Scams

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Stories like this are incredibly alarming and, unfortunately, rather common from stories of men approaching women for pictures or used clothing to using Facebook Marketplace in hopes of finding a date. However, these scams aren’t the only ones currently trending. For example, others have faced attempted theft and burglary. A woman from Texas had her Facebook account hacked and suffered for weeks after as a result. The scammers posted her address with items for sale, requiring payment upfront. So, when they’d show up at her house, expecting the $300 couch they’d paid for, they were understandably angry. However, she too was a victim in the situation and spent weeks “sleeplessly” defending her home. ‘That’s what really scared me. They made a post. People were tagging me and saying, ‘Oh yeah, we’re going to get her.'” She said.

As a result of the dangers associated with online shopping and Facebook Marketplace, experts have warned that the site has become a “digital wild west”. Since the early days of the internet conspiracy theorists have warned of the dangers such as invasion of privacy and possible safety threats. Regardless of your take on the term “conspiracy” it’s interesting, if not a little scary, to see how predators and scammers will continue to make their own alterations to online platforms to continue to gain while the average person continues to lose, be it sleep, their safety, or their peace of mind.

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