Jade Small
Jade Small
April 6, 2024 ·  5 min read

Wife Gets Her Smelly Revenge When Being Dumped After 37 Years

Jack and Emma had been married for 20 years. They were high school sweethearts, who had been so in love in the beginning. When they got married, Emma’s father got Jack a job in his law firm, and Jack managed to hike his way up the ladder quite fast. He ended up in a very high-paying position, even though he was still quite young.

His secretary was a woman called Sandy, who was happily married. However, one year she fell pregnant, which was a joyous occasion. Emma and she were good friends, and they celebrated. Never did she suspect that she would be seeking revenge soon.

In the beginning

This did mean that Sandra had to take maternity leave, but in the end, she decided to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. Jack now had to search for a new secretary. After countless interviews, Jack felt like he would never find the right fit. That was until Rose walked into his office.

Jack stopped dead, and even forgot the first question he was meant to ask. Rose was absolutely gorgeous. She had long auburn hair that sat at her waist, and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. After nervously asking her a few questions, he decided to give her the job. After all, she would be a great face for his clients to see before they meet him for the first time.

Rose the secretary
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One day, Emma came into the office to drop off some lunch for Jack as a surprise. She had not come to visit him in a few weeks now, and she wanted to meet the new secretary. When she walked into the office, there was a beautiful young woman leaning over Jack’s desk. She jumped as Emma walked in, did an awkward curtsey of sorts, and scurried out of the office. Emma giggled and asked Jack who that was. He mumbled under his breath that she was the new secretary called Rose.

Time for revenge

Emma was dumbfounded. She asked why Jack had described rose to be an old lady. Jack shrugged and told her she must’ve misunderstood. Later, Emma drove home with many questions racing through her head.

However, it did not take long to get the answers she already knew deep down. Jack had hired a younger secretary and had fallen in love with her. Now, he wanted a divorce and Rose wanted them to move into the multi-million dollar mansion that Emma had inherited from her grandparents. Because Jack’s lawyers were the best in the business, he managed to win the house in the settlement.

Something that broke Emma’s heart. Now, she planned to get her revenge. Rose and Jack gave Jess one week to pack up her things and move out. All the furniture and fixtures were to stay in the house, as per the divorce settlement. The need for revenge was strong in Emma, and she planned everything herself.

Jess was sad and angry
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The faint smell of revenge

On Emma’s last night at the house, she sat at their kitchen table with a bottle of wine. This particular bottle was a wedding gift all those 20 years before. She popped the cork and drank the entire thing whilst enjoying a meal of garlic butter shrimp. Once she had finished her feast, she got up and tossed the bottle into the recycling. Next, she took her bowl of shrimp skins, and went through each room, stuffing them inside the curtain rods. The rods were one-of-a-kind designer fixtures that were worth a fortune.

Jess's garlic butter shrimp
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The next day, Rose watched Emma load the last of her things into the moving van with a smug look on her face. They told their own movers where everything should be placed, and they went out for the day while everything was being settled in their mansion. When they arrived home that night, Rose could smell the faintest smell of the ocean. She got out her scented candle, hoping the vanilla would take the smell away.

The next day, the smell was worse. So, she called in a cleaning lady to help her wash the floors and the walls. The smell seemed to just get worse as the days went by, and it started driving Rose and Jack absolutely crazy. They hired multiple professional deep cleaning services, but nothing worked. Eventually, Rose begged Jack to let them sell the house. But, by that time word had gotten out over the smell. No one wanted to buy a smelly house.

All part of Jess's revenge plan
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Revenge at its finest

Jack even tried knocking the price of the multi-million dollar mansion down by half. A few more people came to view it, but their noses wrinkled the moment they walked in the front door. They realized their reason for selling and wanted no part in the smell. Jack and Rose started to get desperate.

The smell was creeping into their lives in ways they never imagined possible. Their sleep was interrupted because Rose constantly felt nauseated. This meant that Jack’s work was taking strain because if Rose didn’t sleep, neither did he. One day, Emma decided to give Jack a call and just check into see how things were going.

Jack sounded terrible through the phone, and he opened up about the struggles they had endured with the smell. Emma pretended to sound concerned, and she offered him a way out. She told him she would exchange the payment she received from the divorce settlement for the house. Jack honestly thought Emma was mad at this point.

Why would she want a stinky house that could not be sold? However, he agreed, feeling pretty chuffed with himself. He pretty much sold the house for a fraction of what it was worth – stench included.

She got her revenge in the end
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Emma came to the house on the day that Jack and Rose were packing up their things. She smiled and waved at him, and nodded at Rose. She couldn’t help but notice them snickering together as they loaded the last objects into the moving truck. Emma kept a straight face, but she had to turn away to hide her smile when the movers came out with the antique curtain poles. The very same ones that probably still contained the stinky shrimp shells. So, in the end, she got her revenge.