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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

Widower Takes Photo of Late Wife to The Beach Every Day ‘As A Symbol of a Love That Does Not End’

A widower by the name of, Giuseppe Giordano went viral, recognized for his heartwarming and devoted love to his late wife.

Before Becoming a Widower

The sweet widower, once a radio engineer in Milan and soldier in the military, is now a retired resident of an oceanfront city in Italy- Gaeta. The city, which is just a train ride away from Naples and Rome, has always meant a great deal to the widower and his late wife, Ida. They’d often visit the serene beach together as teenagers when they first began dating. The pair first met in 1969 when they were just 16 years old. Despite their parents’ disapproval, the now widower and Ida were married, spending nearly 50 years together. They had three children together and a life full of love and happiness, until 2011, when Ida sadly lost her battle with cancer. Years later, the devoted widower still visits the beach with his wife every day.

A Widower’s Comments

“I bring Ida’s photo because in that way I feel her in my life, and I don’t feel so alone. I like going to the sea every day because it brings back all my memories.” The widower explained. “I am very surprised by the love and admiration of people online since hearing my story. The simple things are the real things, and the ones that last over time. I didn’t want to inspire anyone; I just didn’t want to stay alone. My wife was everything to me. The younger generations do not hold onto love as we used to. I belong to a generation where love and feelings meant everything.” he concluded.

Capturing the Heartwarming Story

The viral story was posted by an Italian restauranteur by the name of Giorgio Moffa. A picture showed Giuseppe looking out over the beach and holding a framed picture of his late wife. The caption, translated from Italian said, “I don’t know this wonderful person I just know that his love was definitely a great love. I saw him cry. I think men like that no longer exist. Sending you a strong hug, dear friend, you are a great man.”

Moffa shared that he’s seen the widower with his late wife’s portrait every morning “for several years“. “Giuseppe told me that the reason he visits this location is that a long time ago, they spent many good times together at the small beach nearby,” he explained. “They were each other’s first love, and they got married. It was truly a lifetime of love.”

When he goes to a place where he has been to with his wife, he always brings her picture with him.” Moffa continued. “I think that everyone in this world has at some point, lost someone special to them. “So, each of us has these moments of grief, it’s just that Giuseppe had the great courage and dignity to show it,” he concluded.

Pizzeria Owner Goes Viral

The viral image of the devoted widower got a lot of attention. Many members of their community and the social media community showered the gentleman with love, praise, and encouragement. Meanwhile, Moffa explained that if anyone wanted to come to chat with his “new friend,” they could pop into Antica Pizzeria Ciro. Moffa’s pizza place, opened in 1923, and now has 10,000 Facebook followers.

Furthermore, Moffa notes that the precious widower also takes the portrait with him, “anywhere that he went with” his late wife. Giuseppe Giordano’s love story is one of fairy tales. A devoted 50-year marriage, and several beautiful memories shared between a teenager and his first love.

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