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February 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

People Just Realized Why Will Smith’s Kids Are Called Jaden And Willow

One of the best conversation starters, when situated around a dinner table with all of your friends, is to ask what everyone’s names were inspired by. There will undoubtedly be some hilarious stories that come with each name, and pet name for that matter. Since Will Smith’s latest display at the Oscars where he slapped Chris Rock on stage in front of the entire audience, not to mention the millions of viewers watching on their televisions, their family has been the hot topic of late. It has come to the attention of many people why Will and Jada’s children are named Jaden, and Willow.

The Light Bulb Moment

Jaden and willow are not exactly the most unique names, having many children blessed with the same. But, what’s interesting is that Jaden seems to be a rendition of his mother’s name, Jada, and Willow’s is a rendition of Will’s name. There are many fans of Will Smith who are having those “ah-ha!” moments across the globe as they make the connection between the names. 

Jaden and Willow Smith

This takes wordplay to another level. Where most couples are making “couple names” like JLo and Ben Affleck being dubbed Bennifer, Will and Jaden made couple’s names, but for their children instead of themselves. Children are the fruit of love, so it makes sense for a couple of such a strong relationship. It all started from a Twitter post made by a user named Shek, but since the post went viral, it has been deleted. There are many people who have since then made their own posts, and many more commenters who shared their feelings about the names Will and Jada chose for their children. 

Will’s Relationship with Jada

If you were not aware of this before now, you might be surprised to know that Jada was not Will’s first wife. But, she was the reason she met the woman he married first. Jada was to play the role of Will’s girlfriend in the movie, “the Prince of Bel-Air”, but unfortunately was deemed too short, so the part was given to Nia Long. However, Will asked his friend Albeiro Alfonso if he could arrange a meeting for himself and Jada. It was at the event they were supposed to meet that Will met his first wife, Sheree Zampino. 

Will and Sheree had a rocky marriage, and Jada was also dealing with issues in her relationship with Grant Hill. The two found themselves at the same dinner party, seated next to each other.  They were the only two who did not have their significant others with them and they spent the majority of the night deep in conversation, sharing intimate details of their relationship. 

The Rolling Stones magazine did an interview with Jada where she said. “That moment, I looked at him and thought, ‘This guy has everything I need.” Will reported that he realized after that dinner party that Sheree was not the woman for him, and shortly after they were divorced. He called Jada up almost immediately and asked her if she was seeing anyone. She replied no, questioningly, and then Will said, “Cool, you’re seeing me now.”

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Some comments that followed:

As it goes with the life of a celebrity. Having to deal with their fan having an opinion about pretty much everything in their lives. Since this realization of Jaden and Willow’s names, many people have taken to their keyboards to express how shocked they were that they had not put the four names together. 

One woman commented the following. “No I just clocked why Will & Jayda’s kids are called Jaden & Willow & now it’s time for my bed. Clearly, this realization was exhausting, and she is not alone in that feeling. Another commenter was just as baffled as to the others, and they said. “I was today years old when I realized Jaden and Willow Smith’s names are just their parents’ names in different forms????. Goodbye.” Not everyone seemed to have let this naming go unnoticed. Because, we found one comment from someone saying, “Why is this the 1st time I’ve noticed this?”, and the response they got was from another person saying, “Took you this long?” 

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