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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
January 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

Walmart Greeter is TikTok Famous After Radiating Positivity

In the middle of a Louisiana winter, a heartwarming story has emerged. John Terry, a 76-year-old Walmart greeter in Monroe and affectionately known as “Mr. John.”, has warmed the hearts of many residents.  A TikTok video posted on Jan. 15 by user @kitathepro shows Mr. John’s dedication to his job: “Rain or sleet or snow, I’m on the door. I do my job!” The video quickly went viral, garnering over 2 million views and turning Mr. John into a social media sensation.1

John Terry, a 76-year-old Walmart greeter in Monroe, Louisiana

The video highlights Mr. John’s commitment and positive impact he has on customers. As users shared the video, comments poured in praising his infectious positivity and dedication. One user noted, “This just made my day,” echoing the sentiments of many who found solace in Mr. John’s unwavering spirit.


A message from Walmart’s greatest door greeter Mr John.. you have to meet him to see the energy he brings to his job #walmart

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Walmart Greeters Across the Nation

Mr. John isn’t alone. Walmart greeters make waves everywhere with their uplifting presence. Nolan Hankinson, a 25-year-old greeter at a Walmart in Ontario has also earned some attention for his welcomes as well. Although he faces challenges like anxiety, OCD, and ADHD, you can see the positivity Nola radiates in his work, making him a beloved figure in the community.2

Connie Graff-Dawson, the store’s manager, commended Nolan, stating, “We’ve had so many customer comments on our surveys and at our courtesy desk. It’s just incredible.” Nolan’s popularity extends beyond Walmart greeting, with residents expressing how his voice alone brightens their day. His sister, Johanna, shares, “He just spreads his joy to everybody.”

Mary Ruth Robinson: Kentucky Walmart Greeter & Sunshine Extraordinaire

In Carrollton, Ky., another Walmart greeter, Mary Ruth Robinson, stands out. At 86 years old, Mary Ruth, wearing her signature blue hat and colorful clogs, greets shoppers with a warm smile and positivity that can only be described as “infectious”.3

Mary Ruth’s life took a turn when her husband, Jackie, passed away after a fierce battle with Parkinson’s. Despite her personal tragedy, she was able to find solace in her work as a greeter, finding therapeutic value in staying active and engaged with the community. As we can see, resilience and strength can found in unexpected places and from anyone.

Julia Jaddock, Mary-Ruth’s daughter, illustrated the profound impact a Walmart greeter can have. A mother at Walmart expressed gratitude to Mary Ruth, revealing that her autistic son, who rarely hugged anyone, considered Mary Ruth special. These interactions highlight the deep connections forged between greeters and shoppers.

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Walmart Greeters: Bringing Smiles and Making a Difference

The stories of Mr. John, Nolan Hankinson, and Mary Ruth Robinson underscore the vital role Walmart greeters play in fostering a sense of community within the retail giant’s walls. Beyond their official duties of checking receipts and returning baskets, these exemplary folk have become beacons of joy, comfort, and kindness to anyone who crosses their paths.

In a world often characterized by hustle and bustle, the stories of Walmart greeters serve as a reminder of the power of human connection and the influence simple acts of kindness can have on communities, but also on individuals. If we can touch the heart of just one person, isn’t that an amazing thing in itself? As we navigate the challenges of our daily lives, may we find inspiration from Mr. John, Nolan Hankinson, Mary Ruth Robinson, not to mention the countless other Walmart greeters who brighten people’s days.

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