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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 9, 2024 ·  3 min read

20 Unexpected Children’s Questions Adults Wouldn’t Even Think About

Children are the most entertaining creatures on our planet. As they learn and grow, their concepts of the world expand, but along the way they meet some confusion. As they try to decipher the meaning behind certain things, they can’t help but say the most darnedest things. Which is, most times, absolutely hilarious for adults. Here is a compilation of statements and questions children ask adults that are sure to have you giggling away.

1. Questions children ask: Why, mom, why?

This one is too cute. The child probably likes making little people out of playdough. So, it seems almost obvious to ask.

2. One of the cutest questions children ask

This child was unaware that growing up is a slow process. They thought of childhood as if it were a school. The questions children ask reveal their simplistic minds.

3. I’m innocent, I swear!

Sometimes the questions children ask reveals their sensitivities. This child was offended that a mosquito bit her. She thought she ought to have done something to deserve such treatment.

4. A Santa skeptic

Then, sometimes the questions children ask reveal their skepticism. This little boy seems to doubt the existence of Santa. Who could blame him with his logic?

5. When the questions children

6. Then, you get these kinds of questions children ask

When the questions children ask show their concern. Either this child is worried about loosing their mom. Or, they are worried about not being able to do her job.

7. Either way they win

There is no right way to answer questions children ask when they ask them like this. Either way, their child wins the debate.

8. But which one is it?

When your children believe in mermaids and this causes a conundrum. The answer remains to be known. Does a mermaid identify as a fish? Or a human?

9. Gen Alpha problems

When your children are so young, they aren’t used to photos being in black and white. Let alone printed. They used to HD images the size of a smart phone.

10. Oh the simplicity of children’s’ minds

Children have such a simple understanding about life. But this one shows the child is naiive to say the least. When is it too early to have the conversation?

11. That’s actually a good question

Sometimes the children ask questions which are completely absurd. But, this one actually makes you stop and think until the realization sinks in that Red riding hood is nameless. Shall we call her Red?

12. Questions children ask

This is one of the cutest questions children ask we have seen. It is sure the warm the hearts of fathers all over the internet. they were confused about the brands of cars vs. their names.

13. Wrong instrument

Sometimes they ask questions which show they are on the right track. But simultaneously completely off course. This child clearly has a parent who loves cars.

14. Mommy and me forever

This child can’t imagine doing anything without her mom. Let alone getting married. They wanted to know if their mom would join in for moral support.

15. Slightly disturbing….

This child has a vivid imagination. They asked the kind of question that leaves your hair standing on end. Probably harmless… Probably.

16. They can be logical

The logic in this question is astounding. They want to know why bad words exist if we can’t use them. Who can argue with that?

17. The old ones???

This child is confused. What could they possibly mean by the old ones? Have they been sneaking in PG rated scifi movies?

18. Candy please!

This question revealed two things. Firstly, they have a sweet tooth. Secondly, they are impatient. Although, the mom did not necessarily say when they will buy the sweets.

19. When the questions children ask is a little off

This child is clearly a little confused. But then again, we don’t know the context of the question. They could be referencing their birthday. Or anything for that matter.

20. Can’t argue with this one

This is one of those questions children ask that will make anyone smile. The simple understanding of the world children have can be humbling. But amusing too.

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