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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 18, 2024 ·  6 min read

A Mother’s Daughter Suddenly Passed Away – Her Experience Encourages Parents to Cherish Every Moment With Their Children

Death is a particularly uncomfortable topic for most people. Yet, it has a strange way of making people reevaluate what’s really important. While losing a loved one is painful, losing a child is an unimaginable pain. A pain from which no one ever fully recovers. However, after one mom shared the story of her daughter passing away unexpectedly, she sparked discussion across social media platforms as parents gained a new perspective on cherishing the precious moments they share with their children.

A Heartbreaking Story

One bereaved mother shared on social media a tragic story of how her daughter unexpectedly passed away just before the holidays. Her daughter didn’t want to eat dinner but still wanted chocolate. However, the mom explained that without dinner, dessert wasn’t an option. Still refusing dinner, the little girl went to bed without chocolate. Sadly, when the mom went to wake her daughter the next day, the little girl had already passed away. Although her cause of death has either never been released to the public, or is still a mystery, the heartbreaking and unexpected event led several parents to reconsider how they run their household.

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Changing Perspectives

As a result of losing her daughter, she “drastically changed the way she parents.” While she makes sure that her son is safe and healthy, she also tries to say “yes” a little more often now.

Some have deemed the mother cruel for refusing the little girl a treat. Meanwhile, others have pointed out that she was simply setting boundaries. Either way, her intention was to do what she felt was best for the little girl, never even thinking that tomorrow may not be promised to her. In contrast, some parents even took to social media sharing how they’d changed things after the heartbreaking video surfaced.

Other Parents Weigh in

One mom, Briana Carter shared on TikTok that she gave her son ice cream for breakfast. “He asked and I immediately said no because I was cooking him breakfast and then I remembered that video,” she explained. Briana then went one to say that she gave in to her son’s request, highlighting that she doesn’t always let him have ice cream for breakfast but that sometimes bending the rules is a good thing.

Sometimes bending the rules creates heartwarming and lasting memories, an important reminder to parents that it’s okay to give in sometimes for the sake of spreading a little joy. “I saw it too, after my daughter begged me for chocolate before bed. I went and woke her up in the middle of the night to let her have chocolate.” One mom commented on Briana’s post. “My mom let me have chocolate cake for breakfast once 20 years ago and it’s still one of my fav memories I miss her.” Said another.

Meanwhile, another mom named Joana shared her own experiences on how the mom who inspired others, inspired her. Joana has a daughter who approached her one night asking to sleep in the same room because she was “scared“. Joana, remembering the tragic story of the mom who lost her daughter unexpectedly, “tucked her into my bed without hesitation”.

Take Your Time

Furthermore, the sudden loss that first moms experienced has caused some parents to evaluate the importance of cherishing every moment with their children. As such, many parents have found certain methods such as “soaking in” the moments, or not “rushing” them to be very effective in helping parents to cherish their babies. Especially because this time goes so quickly.

Meanwhile, a stay-at-home dad (@stayathomedad on Instagram) shares his own take on cherishing moments with his daughter. He notes that quality time is important, sharing that he recently let her walk rather than ride the stroller when they took their dog for a walk. The stay-at-home dad lovingly shared that she stopped many times to observe things or ask questions, and he took his time to let her explore. Next, he goes on to explain that something as simple as reading a story, drawing a picture, or sharing a meal together can be incredibly impactful, so long as they have your undivided attention for that time.

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On the other hand, cherishing every moment with your child is difficult. There are jobs to be done and unexpected hassles to deal with. With so many outside factors pulling parents away from their children, coupled with the need for every human to have some downtime to recharge, it can be hard to differentiate the moments that are impactful and worth remembering versus those that are simply just everyday moments.

Reassuring Advice

In many instances, parenthood can be overwhelming, to say the least. One mom shared her own experiences on Motherly to remind parents not to be so hard on themselves. A few reminders she offers include, “You’re not the only one.” This means every parent before you has, at some point, felt like they were falling short of their duties. This is incredibly common and, in almost every case, false. If parents could see themselves through the eyes of their children, they would learn so much- particularly about the value they add to the lives of their families.

Show Yourself Some Grace

Next, “Everything that’s good to do is not necessarily good to do right now.” Basically, take your time to tackle projects and extracurriculars, remembering that not everything needs to be done at one time. Last, “it will be okay.” While the stresses of potty training, sleeping independently, and other problems that arise as kids age seem like the most important thing to be concerned with, it’s likely that everything will turn out alright. This is a sound piece of advice for daily life as well. Things don’t always go as planned. However, somehow, people adapt and find a way to make it through the challenges, navigating a new path. Therefore, worrying about the outcome will both make things more stressful and cause you to miss out on or not cherish precious moments with your family.

Parenting is no easy feat. While every person’s journey is unique, there are many similarities shared by parents. Alternatively, parenthood is something people have been tackling for thousands of years, with plenty of wisdom to share. Additionally, as times change, so do parenting trends. Fortunately, we live in a time where a parent can easily and quickly share their wisdom with the masses on social media. This creates resources, guidelines, or advice readily available for all parents.

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