Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 16, 2024 ·  2 min read

People on TikTok Are Realizing the True Purpose of the Flat Spots on Ice Cube Trays

Most of our appliances come with thin user manuals. If we cared enough to go through them, then they would give us all information about the features of the appliances and how to access them. They also contain instructions about maintenance. Now, in most cases, we don’t actually need them till something goes wrong. However, there is a product out there that does not come with a user manual, but it would have been great if it did. That product’s name is the ice cube tray.

Now, you may be wondering, what feature can an ice cube tray possibly have apart from being filled up with water or some other fluid? The only remaining step is to put the filled ice cube tray in the freezer and wait. However, there is a feature designed into the trays that can make even these two tasks a lot easier.

The Ice Cube Tray Feature That Very Few Know

Even while using an ice cube tray, there are a few annoying inconveniences that a lot of us have to face. One is how difficult it is to ensure that every cube in the tray is evenly filled. Another one is how water seems to splash everywhere except a cube when we try filling up the tray. They are very minor, but on a busy day, they can definitely worsen the mood.

These inconveniences have actually already been addressed by a design feature in the ice cube tray. A TikTok clip by @aquaticboogeyman1987 brought it to the attention of the internet. In the clip, she shows how the tray’s flat spots can be used. Simply pour the water into the flat spot, and you will find that it automatically splits into the four cubes in the corner equally. Once those four are done, move to the adjacent four till the tray is entirely filled. Here’s the clip for a better understanding:

Users have shown their gratefulness for the amazing life hack shown in the clip. One wrote that they had not known about it till the clip. Honestly, we have to agree with the commenter since this idea never occurred to us either. If you had heard of it before, or if you know more such tips, let us know in the comments below!  


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