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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 19, 2024 ·  2 min read

Triplet Toddlers Fell in Love with Their Neighborhood Garbage Man, and Their Reunion is So Sweet

Genuine friendships endure over time. Though years may pass, the depth of affection remains constant. Recently, a trio of triplets from Florida reconnected with their beloved garbage man after a four-year hiatus, seamlessly resuming their bond.

Meet Tony Parker

The 3 year old triplets waiting for garbage man Tony
Image Credit: WESH 2 News | YouTube

For an extended period, garbage man Tony Parker from the City of Orlando waste management service would make his stop in front of the Wierenicz household, greeted by three eager faces. Yet, due to alterations in his route, Olivia, Emma, and Axel Wierenicz deeply missed him.

In a playful gesture, Carla Wierenicz, their mother, shared an old video on Instagram featuring Tony joyfully embracing her children when they were just three years old. This video caught the attention of city officials who organized a special visit for Parker to reunite with the triplets. “They were excited to see it lift and … dump it on the back, and I say, ‘You know what, come on, let’s go see how it works,’” she said.

Checking out the Truck

garbage man Tony Parker would greet the triplets every week en-route
Image Credit: WESH 2 News | YouTube

Every day, they would come out, and if they missed me, their mother had to drive around the neighborhood until they found me,” recalled Tony. Rekindling the spirit of old times, the triplets engaged in their familiar routines with Tony. From climbing into the truck to playfully honking the horn, it was a magical moment for these now 7-year-olds.

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Tony was awesome with the Kids

garbage man Tony Parker would greet the triplets every week en-route
Image Credit: WESH 2 News YouTube

He loved those kids so much, and the kids love him; he was the kids’ hero,” Carla said. The exchange resonated deeply with people, and the video quickly went viral, capturing widespread attention and admiration. “We still have so many kind people all over the place, it’s so beautiful to see that,” Wierenicz said.

They even resumed their races with the garbage man to the end of the street

The now 7 year old triplets waiting for Tony Parker
Image Credit: WESH 2 News YouTube

For this remarkable occasion, they exchanged gifts. Tony brought City of Orlando toy dump trucks and t-shirts for the triplets. In return, the triplets presented Tony with drawings they had lovingly crafted for him throughout the night. “I love it, I’m going to hang it on my wall,” expressed Tony with heartfelt appreciation for their artwork.

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Carla mentioned Tony’s gratitude for the triplets’ affection and how he consistently welcomed their interactions

Garbage man Tony Parker and the 7 year old triplets
Image Credit: WESH 2 News YouTube

He cherished those kids immensely, and the feeling was mutual; he was a hero to the kids,” she remarked. The sentiment portrayed in the video echoes this sentiment.

Undoubtedly, Tony has evolved into a lifelong friend! While the occupation of waste collection may not carry glamour and involves collecting discarded items, garbage man Tony accumulated something far more valuable during his route all those years ago. “I collected joy, happiness, and precious memories,” he reflected. These memories are indeed remarkable.


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