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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 12, 2024 ·  9 min read

Tina Turner’s 12 Daily Habits That Helped Her Live 83 Inspiring Years

If you’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing Tina Turner’s electrifying live performances, the last of which occurred on New Year’s Eve in 2022, you’d undoubtedly have been struck by the impression that this music legend was seemingly ageless, perhaps even immortal.

Her commanding vocal prowess, dynamic stage presence, and spirited dancing would have led you to believe that age hadn’t touched her despite her being 83 years old at the time. However, earlier in the same year, she fell ill, with some sources indicating she battled intestinal cancer and suffered a stroke.

Tragically, on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Tina Turner’s family sadly confirmed her peaceful passing at her residence in Switzerland

Born as Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939, in Nutbush, Tennessee, Turner’s journey through life was anything but easy. During the 1960s and ’70s, she ascended to stardom as the lead vocalist of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue, a partnership with her then-husband, before embarking on her extensive solo career that spanned decades. Tina Turner was not only renowned for her musical talents but also for her unwavering openness about her personal struggles. Earning her a well-deserved reputation for female empowerment.

So, what allowed Tina Turner to lead such a long and triumphant life despite her numerous adversities? While good genetics and serendipity undoubtedly played their part, a substantial portion of the credit must be attributed to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Tina Turner was celebrated for her exemplary health habits and indomitable spirit.

Are you ready to glean insights from the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

1. Tina Turner nurtured her spiritual journey

Tina Turner nurtured her spiritual journey
Image Credit: Jorgen Angel Getty Images

Although Tina Turner’s upbringing was rooted in Southern Baptist beliefs, her spiritual path took her towards Buddhism as it evolved. She attributed Buddhism to providing her with a profound sense of purpose in life—a pivotal factor contributing to her well-being and contentment.

In an interview with the Harvard Business Review, she said, “After I embraced Buddhism, I realized that my adversities could serve as a mission. An overarching purpose. I recognized that by surmounting life’s challenges, I could construct an unshakable foundation of joy and serve as an inspiration to others.” Turner credited her spiritual practice for orchestrating countless positive transformations. Spanning from the minutest to the most profound, both in her professional and personal life.

2. Embracing the Beauty of 10 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Embracing the Beauty of 10 Hours of Sleep Every Night
Image Credit: Aaron Rapoport Getty Images

Just take a glimpse at that radiant visage! Tina Turner’s demanding tour schedules often aligned with what she humorously referred to as “ET” or entertainment time. She humorously explained, “I tend to hit the sack late and rise later, a longstanding rock and roll touring habit,” during an interview with Vogue.

However, she was candid about her unwavering commitment to ensuring she received ample rest, emphasizing that “a restful night’s sleep is the ultimate secret.” In her pursuit of this elusive treasure, she disclosed that she aimed to savor approximately 10 hours of sleep every night. Underlining the importance she placed on the rejuvenating power of sleep.

3. Tina Turner’s Daily Meditation Ritual

Tina Turner's Daily Meditation Ritual
Image Credit: Aaron Rapoport Getty Images

Tina Turner embraced a daily meditation practice, finding solace in it, especially during moments of anxiety or stress. She would often engage in chanting a mantra as a means to center herself. One of her favored mantras was “Change poison into medicine.” A phrase that served as a constant reminder to reframe negative circumstances or obstacles, and ultimately, to transmute or eliminate them through the power of positivity.

In her book “Happiness Becomes You,” she reflected, “This practice allowed my authentic self to emerge, fostering a sense of cheerfulness, confidence, and resilience within me.” Through this transformative approach, her perspective on life and work evolved into one characterized by greater serenity and thoughtfulness. And her responses to challenges became more measured and composed.

4. Tina Turner’s Passion for Movement

Tina Turner's Passion for Movement
Image Credit: Rob Verhorst Getty Images

Discovering an exercise regimen you truly relish is the cornerstone of making physical activity a consistent part of your life. For Tina Turner, that passion undeniably manifested in the form of dance, a pursuit she wholeheartedly embraced with unbridled delight, particularly evident in her electrifying on-stage performances. When Vogue inquired about the secret behind her iconic legs, she responded with enthusiasm, “Dancing! I seize any opportunity to dance—it’s something I’ll do without inhibition whenever I can.

5. Tina Turner’s Profound Creative Expression

Tina Turner's Profound Creative Expression
Image Credit: Michael Ochs Getty Images

Tina Turner possessed an exceptional talent for songwriting, a skill that stood alongside her remarkable singing prowess. However, it wasn’t a talent that came effortlessly; instead, she devoted countless hours to the craft of composing and writing. This creative outlet not only provided her with a healthy channel for her emotions but also offered substantial cognitive benefits. Engaging in creative activities such as writing, singing, and painting has been shown to have profound cognitive advantages.

If you’re uncertain about where to commence your creative journey, Tina Turner’s advice is insightful. “I began with what I knew best: my own life. I began crafting songs about my hometown, Nutbush, and this led to the creation of the 1973 hit ‘Nutbush City Limits.’” Starting with what you intimately understand can be a powerful catalyst for your creative endeavors.

6. Tina Turner’s Balanced Approach to Nutrition

Tina Turner's Balanced Approach to Nutrition
Image Credit: Dave Hogan Getty Images

Tina Turner’s culinary preferences spanned a diverse spectrum, from Thai cuisine to vegetarian fare to savoring local delicacies. So, how did she manage to maintain her healthy and muscular physique? Contrary to deprivation, her approach was one of sensibility.

She disclosed in an interview with the Daily Mail, “I realized a long time ago that I always wanted to maintain a slender and appealing figure, but I detest the idea of meticulously counting calories. I eat what I desire, and if I notice my weight creeping up, I simply adjust my intake.” Turner’s philosophy centered on intuitive and balanced eating. Allowing her to enjoy a variety of foods while staying attuned to her body’s needs.

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7. Tina Turner Prioritized Relationships with Loved Ones

She Prioritized Relationships with Loved Ones
Image Credit: Michael Ochs Getty Images

Fame can often lead to isolation. A painful lesson Tina Turner learned during her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Ike, who wielded his fame as a means of abuse. However, as she grew older, Turner made a deliberate effort to allocate time for her cherished friends and family. Including her four children. Additionally, she embraced the value of expanding her social circle and forging friendships wherever she traveled.

I make a concerted effort to view people as unique individuals and highlight our shared experiences,” she remarked, emphasizing her commitment to recognizing the significance of genuine human connections and the mutual joys and advantages they bring.

8. Commitment to Self-Care

Her commitment to Self-Care
Image Credit: Mark Ralston Getty Images

Tina Turner attributed her enviable complexion to both genetic fortune and diligent self-care. In an interview with Vogue, she acknowledged her genetic predisposition for good skin but also emphasized her unwavering commitment to nurturing it.

Regardless of how fatigued she might have been after a performance, she made it a non-negotiable practice to engage in self-care by thoroughly removing her makeup and applying a deeply hydrating cream before retiring for the night. The results were evident in her radiant, supple skin. Which remained a testament to her self-care routine well into her eighties.

9. Tina Turner’s Liberation from a Toxic Relationship

Tina Turner's Liberation from a Toxic Relationship
Image Credit: Dave Hogan Getty Images

Not all relationships are salvageable, especially when they become toxic or abusive. Remaining entangled with individuals who inflict harm can exact a devastating toll on one’s mental and physical well-being. Tina Turner’s escape from her abusive marriage became a highly publicized chapter in her life, but, like many victims of domestic abuse, she grappled with the decision to leave for an extended period.

She candidly expressed, “For a significant duration, I felt trapped, devoid of any means to escape the unhealthy situation I was ensnared in.” It was only when she gained clarity about her own circumstances that she embarked on a transformative journey—cultivating confidence and summoning the courage to break free. Although it took several years, Tina ultimately found the strength to reclaim her life and embark on a fresh start.

In doing so, she not only preserved her own well-being but also served as a formidable source of inspiration for countless other women caught in similar predicaments. Demonstrating that liberation from toxic relationships is possible and empowering them to take steps toward their own liberation.

10. Tina Turner’s Appreciation for the Outdoors

Tina Turner's Appreciation for the Outdoors
Image Credit: Ullstein Bild Getty Images

Following her retirement from the public spotlight, Tina Turner and her husband Erwin made the deliberate choice to relocate their family to Switzerland, primarily driven by the region’s breathtaking and serene landscapes. Tina spoke fondly of her affinity for spending leisurely days in Switzerland, often embarking on scenic drives into the mountains with her husband. She noted, “It’s both calming and deeply spiritual to be enveloped by the serene beauty of the lakes and nature that surround us.”

Are you also a nature enthusiast? It’s worth noting that spending time outdoors offers profound health benefits, as research has linked it to a longer and healthier life. It’s not solely the physical exercise that contributes to improved health; scientific studies have revealed that merely being in nature, immersed in the outdoors, can lower stress hormones, reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and cultivate feelings of safety and overall well-being. This phenomenon is often referred to as “forest bathing” and underscores the therapeutic qualities of spending time in natural settings.

11. Tina Turner Embraced the Process of Aging

She Embraced the Process of Aging
Image Credit: Rob Verhorst Getty Images

In the world of showbiz, aging is often perceived as one of the greatest challenges women face, and many celebrities resort to surgery, medications, and digital retouching in a bid to defy it. However, Tina Turner chose a different path—one of acceptance and grace. She openly acknowledged the natural aging of her face and expressed that she wasn’t overly concerned about it. She shared her perspective with the Daily Mail, stating, “Of course, I’ve experienced some changes in my facial appearance over time, but they aren’t significant enough to cause me worry. I have the wisdom to recognize that if aging is occurring, it’s a part of life.”

She continued, “As the years pass, a woman undergoes various transformations in her body, including hormonal changes, but I don’t view these changes as problematic. I consider myself fortunate.” Tina Turner’s positive and contented attitude towards the aging process was nothing short of revolutionary. It set a remarkable example, particularly because how we discuss and perceive aging has a profound impact on our overall health and happiness as we journey through life.

12. Tina Turner’s Daily Choice of Happiness

Tina Turner's Daily Choice of Happiness
Image Credit: Jack Robinson Getty Images

Experts concur: Happiness is a decision, not merely a consequence of circumstances. Few individuals understood this better than Tina Turner. Even after confronting the trials of a stroke and cancer, she voiced a profound perspective, stating, “The challenges I face can either be instrumental in shaping me into a better version of myself or they can threaten to shatter me. I have the power to make that choice. It’s crucial to remember that you always have a choice, even when it seems as if you don’t. I, personally, choose hope and embrace each chapter in my life, both the adversities and triumphs, as opportunities to enhance my wisdom, fortitude, and empathy.”

Tina Turner’s resolute commitment to choosing happiness and personal growth, regardless of the circumstances, serves as an inspiring reminder that our attitude and choices have a profound impact on our well-being and the way we navigate life’s challenges.

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