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February 5, 2024 ·  4 min read

Women Break Down The Things They Wish Men Would Stop Doing Immediately

It’s probably safe to say that men and women have been misunderstanding each other for centuries. This has turned into a gender feud with both sides having a lot of frustrations over the opposing sex. Thanks to one highly entertaining Reddit thread posted by user u/slipz4001 , we have been made aware there are a few things women wish men would stop doing right this very minute. We have compiled a list of some of the best answers. If you are a man, maybe take some notes. If you’re a woman, enjoy!

No more d*ck pics! (no, not duck)

Firstly, one user would seriously love it if men stopped snapping pics of their johnson and send them to unsuspecting women. Men just need to trust that if a woman wants to see it, then they will most certainly ask. One Reddit user, u/SereneGoldfish, replied to the thread saying they want men to stop “Sending unsolicited dick pics.”

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Stop ignoring it!

Another user highlighted the fact that men will often ignore certain symptoms that could easily link to a fatal disease. They wish men would get their act together and sort it out. “If you have a medical issue please get it sorted… Stop ignoring it! My partner has been ignoring a problem with his eye and never saw a doctor and had an appointment last year but missed it as he felt he couldn’t miss a few hours of work. Luckily I made him sit in A&E and told him not to come home until they have seen him. He was seen and his sight can now be saved… If he’d have left it he could have gone blind.” – leebling

Leave me alone, I’m waiting for the bus

Another user, KissMyAlpaca, wishes to be left alone while she waits for the bus. She replied saying men must stop “coming up to women waiting for the bus alone at night and asking for their phone numbers/asking them out. This happens so often and I don’t see how anyone can think it’s appropriate. Obviously, the answer is always going to be no but it does not feel like a safe situation to give a firm no in.”

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It’s none of your business!

There are many women who would most likely agree with this sentiment. Women are allowed to feel frustrated even if their period is weeks away. Regardless, this is none of their business. User, u/AmarisMerla, said: “I would like them to stop asking if it is that time of the month every time I am upset about something.”

Hands Off

This one should go without saying, but maybe some people need a reminder. Do not touch without consent! Or as u/gainswor put it, “If you aren’t my husband you have no business touching my waist or lower back. Ever. Stop that now.”

A shower a day makes the…

This user is tired of smelling men from across the room. Men are notorious for not showering and wearing the same pair of underpants over and over. Many women want this to stop. It is an unhygienic habit. User, gorosheeta, commented on the Reddit thread saying men must “Stop. neglecting. basic. hygiene.” But honestly, this goes for both sexes. Nobody likes a smelly Nelly.

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No touchy

Some men feel the need to brush their hands against a woman’s arm, or their lower back when they walk passed them. This is not acceptable, and the women on this thread wish for it to stop. Then, one user, u/TheBrontosaurus, said: 9. “There is NEVER any reason to touch my lower back when you walk past me. In fact, 99 times out of 100, you do not need to touch me at all to walk past me.”

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Take the hint

Another user wants men to understand when women want to be left alone. “Ignoring social cues to leave others alone. So, if I am wearing earphones or reading or am curt in my responses to you, I’m not interested in conversing with, dating, or fucking you,” commented u/ebeth_the_mighty. “I understand wanting to start a polite conversation, but if the other person is occupied or uninterested, shrieking that THEY are being rude or a cocktease is inappropriate. Just learn to read the fucking room and take a hint.”

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No proof needed

Some men even think that they can win someone who does not bat for their sex. A lesbian user, D3m0nkash1, commented: “When I say I’m lesbian I would love for them to stop saying ‘you just haven’t met the right guy yet’ or ‘I can change you if you give me one night with you it’s disgusting and makes me more of a lesbian, and no I will not give you proof that I am a lesbian for your own pornography fantasies.”

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