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Woman texted positive messages to the wrong number, and now they’re married with 6 children

People often think that mistakes should be erased from their lives. Either that or they are the learning curb to know what not to do for the rest of your life. One woman made a simple mistake. She messaged the wrong number by accident, but this mistake led to one of the greatest things she’s ever accomplished in her life. Fast forward a few years, and she is married to the recipient of the wrong number. They share a life together, along with their six children.

Brenda texted the wrong number, and they ended up getting married
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Positive Messages Every Monday

A woman named Brenda from Mexico, made the mistake of texting the wrong number. But, instead of saying she was sorry and deleting it, they started a conversation. Brenda moved to the US when she was 12 years old. She lived in Georgia while her sister, Roxy, lived in Ohio. In 2009, she decided to pay her sister a visit where she met a bunch of her friends.

Brenda liked to send out positive bible versus to her phone's contacts
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At this point in her life, Brenda enjoyed sending positive biblical texts every Monday to her saved contacts. She then included some of her sister’s friends in the group texts. “At the time,” said Brenda. “I didn’t really know many people and I had this habit of sending positive messages on Mondays or throughout the week to everyone in my phone book. I probably had, like, 10 phone numbers.”

Texts to the Wrong Number – or the Right One

On Monday, she had just finished sending her weekly positive message. Then, she was surprised when she received an answer almost immediately after she sent it. “Amen to that,” read the text. They then asked, “Who is this?”

Brenda was under the impression she had messaged her sister’s friends. So, she replied explaining who she was. “It’s Brenda, Roxy’s sister,” she texted back. However, when she received the response, it wasn’t in recognition, it just created more confusion. “No, we’ve never met. My name is Isaiah Stearns,” it read.

Brenda texted the wrong number
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Coincidentally, Isaiah also lived in Ohio, where her sister Roxy lived. What’s even more strange is that he had only just bought a new phone the day before he received Brenda’s texts. Moreover, he had to change his number because his sim card was not working. “So, the phone company gives him a new number, and within 30 minutes he receives my text. No one knew his number, it was brand-new, and if I’d sent that text in the morning when I meant to, he would’ve never received it. It was all perfect timing.”

They Started Regular Calls and Texts

After Isaiah explained that he didn’t know Brenda, she apologized. However, Isaiah surprised her by asking if he could save her number and send her a text every now and then. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep your number and maybe text you sometime.”

They texted and called frequently
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Isaiah called her the very next day, which Brenda admitted “creeped” her out. But, her heart was softened by the voicemail he left. He explained the bible verse she had accidentally texted him warmed his heart. She decided to call him back, and he answered immediately. “I could just tell he was very genuine. So I decided OK — I’m gonna call him back,’” she said.

Their chats quickly escalated into daily calls and texting each other all day. Isaiah was easy to talk to, which Brenda found interesting. They decided to share Facebook profiles and their communication deepened.

The Wrong Number, but the Right Man

Brenda and Isaiah realized they had a lot in common which mad Brenda eager to meet Isaiah. “We had so many things in common. At this point in my life, I was ready. I was 22, and I’ve always dreamt of becoming a mom and having a family. I’ve never been a dating girl. I wanted to date someone that was worthy of marriage.”

Brenda got her mom to meet Isaiah first
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Brenda was nervous to meet with Isaiah alone, so she got her sister and mother to do so. “Me and my mom are really close, and I remember talking to her and I said so there’s this guy, he lives in Ohio, and I think I like him but I’m kind of afraid,” she said.

So, Brenda’s mother and her sister, Roxy, decided to meet Isaiah first. They met at a restaurant. Upon arrival, Roxy excused herself to the rest room where she immediately called Brenda. “As soon as they sat at the table, my sister’s, like, I got to go to the restroom and gives me a call. She’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, Brenda, he’s so tall. He’s very cute.’”

She Quit Her Job and Moved to Ohio

Brenda’s mom suggested they meet up over Christmas. This was to be the first time they set eyes on each other in real life. But, Brenda’s boss wasn’t happy about her taking time off work. With a heavy heart, Brenda quit her job and moved in with her mother in Ohio.

She met Isaiah on the 1st December 2009
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On December 1st, 2009, they finally met. “We talked about our future and our dreams and what we would be at this point,” said Brenda. “Then we decided to not waste time. We were, like, ‘Let’s just do it. Let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend.’” One year later, they were married. “It happened fast, but it felt right,” Brenda said.

It is truly inspiring how one positive message to the wrong number ended up in such a positive life change. Isaiah and Brenda have six children to this day, 13 years after they got married. “People always say, like, ‘You should write a book about this, it’s like a Hallmark movie.’ I love my story and I do think it’s special, but I never thought it would resonate with so many people,” Brenda said.

13 years later, they have six children
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