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Teen Girl Outsmarts A Hotel Room Invader Using A Tip She Received From Her Police Officer Dad

Do you know what to do if someone is trying to break into your home or hotel room? Because this teenager does. Jose Bowers recently shared her scary encounter with a hotel invader when she was just 15. Thanks to a tip from her Police Officer Stepdad, she was safe.


How This Teenager Saved Herself From A Hotel Room Invader

On her TikTok Account, Josie Bowers recently shared a video that went viral. The video recounted the story of a time when she encountered a hotel room invader when she was just 15 years old. Thanks to the advice that her police officer stepdad gave her, she knew what to do.


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She began her video by showing someone using a contraption to open a locked door from the outside. In the video, she told her followers that if they see this contraption come under their hotel room door, they should run. This means someone is trying to break in.


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Josie’s Story

She goes on to say that she knows this because it happened to her when she was only 15 years old. Josie was on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. Her family was all down at the beach, but she decided to take a shower. This meant that she was all alone in the hotel room.


Standing wrapped in a towel, having just come out of the shower, she saw the contraption slide in under the bottom of the door. Quickly, she realized what was happening.


“My main thought was holy s*** I’m in a towel right now, and someone is about to break in and get me. So the door opens a crack, and I just slammed it back shut and put the deadbolt on,” she recalled in her video.

The hotel room invader then explained that he was there to fix the door. He said that the keypad was broken and he needed to come inside to fix it. Josie, however, wasn’t convinced. She opened the door just a crack to check. The man on the other side was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt – not exactly Hilton attire.


“So I think I’m very smart for this one, my stepdad is a police officer, he taught me never to let people know you’re alone,” she explained. “I yelled ‘Hey dad, there’s someone here to fix the door.’ As soon as they thought that I wasn’t alone – and potentially my dad was there – they ran, they were gone.”

She Hopes Her Story Will Help Others

Josie shared her story on TikTok in hopes that other people can learn from her scary experience. She recognizes that while she was smart for what she said to the would-be invader, she should have had the deadbolt on the door already.


“I’m glad I had this experience so I can teach people about it. Obviously, I’m safe, but it could have ended up a lot worse,” she said. “Be safe; you can get door stoppers, always put on the deadbolt.”

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