Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 3, 2024 ·  2 min read

 Mom’s Tandem Breastfeeding Photos are Inspiring Thousands

Jennifer Mancuso is a 38-year-old professional photographer from Ohio. She also happens to be a mother to 4 children and is speaking out, with breastfeeding photos, about facing criticism when it comes to breastfeeding in public. 

Sharing Breastfeeding Photos

Jennifer was reprimanded for breastfeeding her twin daughters at a nursery. The nursery staff explained that because some of the children were “school aged” it was not appropriate. As a result, she decided to take and post breastfeeding photos whenever possible. Her hope is to help women everywhere to feel more comfortable and confident in feeding their babies in public. 

Learning to be a Better Mom

She, as a mother of 4, has learned a lot over the years. She wishes she could go back to her younger self and offer the advice she’s learned along the way. However, since she can’t, Jennifer has chosen to use her breastfeeding photos to offer advice and inspiration to other women. In one of her posts she said, “Do not ever feel ashamed to do something so beautiful,” continuing, “Do not ever feel embarrassed to share something so beautiful with the world. The more we share our beautiful moments with the world, the more the world will understand just how beautiful this work is.

Empowering Women

Jennifer believes in the importance of women empowering and supporting one another. She also said, “The more we can share our true, raw stories, the more we realize we’re all alike: living just another version of what everyone else is,” she says. “There’s comfort in knowing that. There’s strength in community.”

Breastfeeding Photos aren’t Her Only Contribution

Not only has she made strides for women everywhere with her breastfeeding photos, but she’s also been open about other parenting struggles as well. Jennifer suffered from postpartum depression and has been very open about that. All too often, women wonder what’s wrong with them. They feel lost, hurt, confused, or alone. Most importantly, women feel shame or guilt for failing as a mother. 

Because previous generations lived by the philosophy of “saving face“, many women don’t know that what they’re feeling is normal. However, postpartum depression is a very common occurrence. There are a number of causes including genetics, emotional struggles, and physical or hormonal changes.

In addition to sharing her breastfeeding photos, she also explains that she is a stepmom to 3 kids. As a result, she also addresses several parenting struggles related to meshing families together.

Every mom goes through a series of their own difficulties and the world could use a little more empathy and compassion. Jennifer has found a way to use her breastfeeding photos as a way to empower other moms. She has shared many aspects of parenting struggles that she wishes she had known from the very beginning.


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