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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 21, 2024 ·  4 min read

 People Claim They’ve Taken Their ‘Last Cruise’ After Finding Out About Terrifying Area People Don’t Know About

Taking a cruise has become an incredibly popular and advantageous way to travel. Many are all inclusive or offer affordable packages where guests can get the most for their money. However, a new detail about what lurks below deck, has some people feeling apprehensive to travel in this manner.

Lesser-Known Details

In recent years, some have discovered that living on a cruise ship is more affordable than a traditional retirement community. As such, they’ve packed up their belongings and decided to live out their days adventuring on a cruise ship. Others simply opt for the family vacation of a lifetime. Either way, the popular method of seeing the world has left some feeling uncertain. It turns out that TikTok user @chasingthedream.hj has gone viral for sharing some factors that many don’t think of when booking their trip. For example, at night when the cruise ship turns out the lights, it gets incredibly dark because there are no light sources but the moon and stars while in the middle of the ocean.

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While this detail hasn’t been enough to give travelers a second thought, one detail has. @Chasingthedream.hj recently shared a video clip panning the deck just before breaking the disturbing news to his audience. He explains that all cruise ships have their very own morgue. As unpleasant as that fact is, it does make sense. Cruise ships often travel through ocean waters with little to no access to towns, cities, or countries for days. However, that has little impact on whether or not people pass away while traveling. It’s not incredibly common, but the possibility of causing trauma to other passengers is reason enough to have their own methods for preserving a body until they reach land.

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Responding to the Cruise Secret

Interestingly, some travelers were receptive and understanding that cruise ships have a morgue. “It’s actually common sense if something happens in the middle of the ocean to help preserve until you get to shore.” And “Of course there is a morgue. where should they put the bodies if not in morgue?” were some sentiments shared by understanding travelers. However, some were totally put off by the information. “A morgue oh h**l no went on my first and last cruise”. Disclosed one user. “Okay yep darkness and morgues! I’m not doing it this year”. Exclaimed another. One former cruise line employee also shared that cruise ships have their own jail too!

Alternatively, some responded with a great sense of humor and curiosity. One commented, “I’m going on a Disney cruise in a few weeks,” joking that she wants to “see what” the “morgue looks like”.

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Confirming Claims

On February 15, 2024, Cruise Mummy, released an article regarding the recent death of a cruise ship passenger. In the article, it’s confirmed that all cruise ships have a morgue, with many located in the same spot on the ship.

Apparently, while death isn’t incredibly common, it does happen, and more often at sea on long-term trips. For example, the recent passing of a passenger, whose identity has not been revealed, took place on a 9-month world tour trip. As such, having something like a morgue is the only sure way to keep a body preserved in between destinations. The death occurred on a Royal Caribbean cruise that some have deemed the “TikTok cruise“. It’s gained so much popularity on social media, that some have even faked footage of the cruise. Interestingly, most of the information regarding the recent events came from TikTok footage from users and passengers. However, the cruise line released an official statement confirming the event and disclosing very little detail out of respect for the passenger’s loved ones.

It’s unpleasant to think about death, particularly when planning something as cool as going on a cruise. On the other hand, death is inevitable and sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Therefore, a morgue is a great resource when facing the possibility of being out at sea for several days, weeks, or even months. After all, cruise lines have to take precautions so other guests are less likely to encounter or smell a body of someone who has passed. Simply, it’s a way of minimizing trauma or safety concerns for passengers and employees.

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