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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 7, 2024 ·  3 min read

Women Who Remain Single For Long End up The Happiest

What does long-term commitment mean to you? Women who have remained single for long periods of time without any commitment seem to be pretty happy with their decision. But why? Expressing outright happiness and independence, they surely must have found that sweet spot where they found that alone, they are enough.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact science behind it as humans are extremely complex beings, but the words ’emotional freedom’ regularly pop up between single women. There seems to be an undeniable sense of quiet comfort when alone. Something that often is lacking in more serious commitments.

Perhaps these women are unaccustomed to fitting in as a wife or a girlfriend; maybe being a partner to someone else feels completely unnatural and out of place. It could be past bitter experiences that led them here; maybe past hurt has something to do with it. Speculation suggests several possibilities for this; let’s lay them out.

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It’s important to value time alone, single women know this

Women who are alone have come to find true personal comfort in solitude, stillness, and absolute silence. Chosen silence that allows them to focus on their daily routine. They’re more than happy to go eat out, see a movie, and take themself on a date. They focus on self-care by doing what they enjoy, lacking the awkwardness someone in a relationship may feel when doing the same.

This freedom to choose every day what they accomplish means that they focus on their own goals and ambitions. The lack of guilt in doing so may look selfish to some, but they consider it a form of selfless selfishness. This makes them the actual go-getters of the world because they focus on their careers, hobbies, and personal wellness without having to shape or bend to someone else’s ideology.

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Single women know that love in a relationship is not the only kind of love – what about self-love?

Women who avoid long-term relationships know that a partner’s love is not the only love out there. Instead of chasing after the love of someone else, they choose self-love. They pursue their dreams, and there’s a whole lot of right in that. Living alone isn’t a limit to them. It frees them from tethers that could stop them from traveling, exploring, and finding their true self. Not some expectation someone else has molded them into.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re averse to a relationship forming; they just know they don’t need one. They also know true independence, so they are confident heading into commitment, knowing what they would and would not tolerate from a partner. They understand that nurture needs to happen to make things work, but they would never tolerate any form of throttling behavior from a partner.

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A relationship that is healthily challenging encourages growth, not restriction

These women understand the difference between healthy relationship challenges and restrictive behavior from a partner. Healthy relationships encourage growth. These single women would never attempt a relationship with someone who wants t see them wither away like a dying flower. Have her back, and she’ll conquer the world.

Making sacrifices should not mean losing. This means always checking in, ensuring that you’re not losing yourself amid the daily happenings of a relationship. These single women would only consider a relationship if it meant that their morals, dreams, and confidence are encouraged by their partner.

They set a high standard for themselves and expect the same from a potential partner

These single women know what it means to experience their own confidence, compassion, and self-worth. This means that they actually truly understand the meaning of pure happiness. Maybe these women have always been single, maybe they experienced past trauma, maybe they just haven’t found that perfect partner yet, but it really doesn’t matter, because deep down, they know that they come first and that’s all that matters.

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