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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 12, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Says She’s Been Single for so Long Because Men are too Intimidated by Her

Céline Centino, a 26-year-old Instagram influencer and model from Switzerland has been battling to find a partner and has been single for 7 years. The young Swiss beauty claims that the reason behind her being single for all these years is because she is too beautiful and that men are intimidated by her beauty.

Céline didn’t always look this way though, she was reportedly bullied in school for her looks and in her adult years decided to do something about it. 

‘I was so unhappy with myself before, I felt so ugly and like I was trapped in my own body. I worked hard as a hairdresser and saved all the money I made on my first boob job. Now I’ve had three breast augmentations and get filler in my face every few months. My mum says I don’t need it but she just worries about my operations. It’s my body at the end of the day.’

The spending hasn’t ended

Since her first breast enhancement surgery, Céline has spent about $24,000 on her body’s transformation. And, even after all this money spent on transforming herself she still has trouble meeting guys.

I’ll be out with my friends and guys will be watching, looking at me like they want to eat me. But when I give them a little smile to invite them over they never come’, says Céline. ‘Sometimes if we’re in a club and there’s a lot of alcohol they might say hello and chat to me but they’re normally so drunk so I can’t be bothered.

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When she does manage to go on a date, they are often very nervous and struggle to keep the conversation going, says Céline. She went on to add that people always feel intimidated.“They’re always a little shy and timid at first. But, normally once we get chatting and see that I’m nice, they relax a bit. I think it’s really cute when they’re nervous at first. Guys always say that I have a strong aura. They say that when I walk into a room they can sense my presence even without seeing me.

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Celine is looking for love

Céline has also said that she would love to have someone with whom she can spend her free time with, and is not as picky as one would expect. Surprisingly, the 5ft 4inch model has very few requirements for her future lover. 

I don’t really have a usual type of man that I’m attracted to’, says Céline. ‘They should be tall – taller than me at least – and I like when they are funny and can make me laugh. As for the hair and face, I don’t mind, I think personality is much more important than looks.

As mentioned above, Céline, as a teenager, had to endure vicious bullying by peers just because of her looks. This has made Céline outlook on love and relationships very different, she isn’t one to judge someone based solely on their looks.

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Céline has also added how funny life can be as the very same people who bullied her are the same people who now follow her FanPage. Some of her past bullies have even tried their luck at messaging her since her transformation and starting her career as an Instagram model and influencer. 

Since my surgery there have been a few people who have bullied me that have gotten in touch. But I didn’t bother replying. If they want to spend money on me by buying my photos, that’s great. I like having them as admirers on FanPage. After years of being bullied I’m finally happy with myself and how I look. I have lots of friends and a wonderful family but I would love a boyfriend to share it with.” 

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