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January 2, 2024 ·  4 min read

Single Mom Living On One Meal A Day Had To Sell Daughter’s Present For Food

Being a single mom comes with its set of hardships, and this is particularly true for one UK mother. Kelly Thomson, a single mom from Slough, Berkshire is surviving off one meal a day in an attempt to make ends meet, and she’s already lost nearly 30lbs because of it. With the rate of inflation rising high, the mother of seven has it rough. One can only assume the suffering that this woman is going through. She is in such dire straights that she even had to essentially pawn her child’s birthday gift for the extra money. 

The 43-year-old mom was let go from her job as a cleaner. Since then, she has been struggling to get by on £40 (approx. $50 USD). However, Universal Credit has been covering her monthly rental, but she still has to live on £160 a month. Previously, Kelly had an electricity expenditure of £12, but now she used the same amount in four days.

With her situation in life, one can understand her hesitation with other expenses. In fact, she can’t even look at her bill. She fears the amount that would be coming her way. This debacle comes at the same time the rate of inflation reached 7% last month. The cost of living has also increased exponentially. 

The Single Mom has exhausted all her avenues for finance

Kelly is struggling and doesn’t know what to do.

The cost of living is crazy now and I don’t know what I’m going to do. We have nothing. I honestly feel I’m going to have to resort to begging. We’re hungry all the time and my clothes are falling off me. I can’t afford to buy any more. We can’t afford a social life or even to put music on or watch TV, and our mental health is really suffering. We just go for walks and play board games.” she said.

The Office for National Statistics has reported that the rise in CPI has been the fastest it has ever been in three decades. For the uninformed, CPI refers to the consumer price index.

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Kelly Thomson, struggling single mom
Kelly Thompson. Image Credits: Yorkshire Live

The single mom also mentioned that they had gone through stretches of winter without power. She had to use candles and they simply cuddled up to keep warm. Moreover, for food, they had to rely on their neighbors who were kind enough to give them.

“I was wearing a vest, long-sleeve top, a hoodie, and dressing gown, with tights and leggings under my jeans. We had tights under our pajamas,” she said.

Such was her state that she had to take her daughter’s Smart TV to cash converters. After converting her daughter’s birthday gift into money, she used it for her budget life. She previously used top-ups from the food bank- but even that can’t help her anymore. 

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Living in Misery- The Tale Of A Single Mother and Her Seven Children

The family doesn’t own any new clothes. Her son’s school trousers have gone shirt. The children’s shirts are old and stained. Her own clothes look too big on her. Since January of 2021, she has lost nearly 30 pounds. She has no other means to support herself and her family. Although the kids get lunch at school, she can only feed herself in the evening. In fact, she has to make her own cleaning products. All in the hope that they can save a little more money.

I’m lucky if I get a meal a day [….] I’m so worried and I cry every day. I’m so frightened I’m going to lose my mind, and I used to be such a happy person. I’m worried about my health, I’m faint with hunger all the time. I’ve fought and fought and I just don’t know what to do anymore.

She continues. “I’m not asking for luxury, just to be able to pay the bills and eat. I worked for 25 years paying National Insurance, and my parents paid all their lives. I just don’t know what’s happening in England anymore. Boris and the government need to step in and help us- they hand out billions to others and we’re starving, we’re only just surviving now.”

Kelly doesn’t get a lot of money from the government. Her rent comes to £1,271, which increases her allowances by over £2000. She receives a standard allowance of £325, and child support worth £520. At the end of it all, she is left with £161 for utility bills and the rest. Needless to say, it is not a lot for a single mother and her family of seven.

We hope Kelly can find her way through this and wish her the best.

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