Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 3, 2024 ·  2 min read

Shoppers Resort to Desperate Supermarket Measure To Save Money

Several customers have had to resort to sneaky ways to save money while shopping. This has all been done due to the recent increase in the prices of groceries. Jenn Shaw, a woman from Melbourne, Australia posted an interesting video describing her theory. This video, shot inside a Coles supermarket, showed a row of broccoli stalks that had been snapped in half. She mentioned that this could be a cost-saving method. This, she suspected, was used by households to bear the brunt of the surging cost of living. Her video was captioned, “$11.90/kg broccoli in Melbourne. Shoppers are leaving stalks on shelves.”

Money-Saving Technique Utilized By Customers

Take a look at the clip:

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The video has been about 35,000 times views. Most of the viewers have empathized with the efforts the customers took to save money. One user commented, “I always break mine off as it weighs less and cost less.” Another viewer mentioned, “No disrespect but for that price I would do the same.” A viewer mentioned that “A grocer near them had a sign stating that if you remove them you pay double the price.”

Several others encouraged the people to buy the stalks too as they can prove to be useful while cooking. One responder wrote, “The stalks shouldn’t be discarded, well worth eating.” Someone else mentioned, “I actually can’t believe how many people don’t know that the stem has way more nutritional value than the flowers.”

A spokesperson from Coles mentioned that it was disappointing that people were snapping stalks off. “It’s disappointing to hear a small number of customers have removed the stalks from broccoli in our stores as the entire vegetable is edible and full of nutritional value. As part of our Together to Zero strategy, we will continue to work on ways to minimize food waste by educating customers about how to get the most out of their fresh produce.” At the end of the day, customers will have to take a closer look at their money-saving options.

How to Use Brocolli Stems

Instead of snapping off stems to save a little money, try using them in your cooking next time. There are multiple ways you can use broccoli stems in your cooking. Check out a more complete list here.

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