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Leah Berenson
May 9, 2024 ·  5 min read

Shaq Stunned Family With Generosity After Buying Them Two New Cars

When people hear the name Shaq they often think of his many athletic accomplishments. However, it would seem there’s more to the basketball star than just his skills on the court, and his short stint playing professional baseball.

Shaquille O’Neal is a seemingly generous man who has been making monetary contributions for years to help brighten the life of those in need of a little joy. One example is how he helped a family of 11 with an incredibly kind and life-changing act on several occasions. Karissa Collins, her husband, and their 9 children have a special bond with Shaq and have come to appreciate his friendship. “He came in and played “Watch ya mouth” with the kids, loved on them, encouraged them, entertained them, took pics with them, gave them gifts, encouraged us as parents, and just showed us so much love.” Karissa shared on the family’s popular Instagram account, “@theCollinsKids.”

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Shaq Spreads Love

On the other hand, Shaq appreciates his relationship with the family so much that he’s made several generous contributions to them, including taking them out for meals and bringing gifts for the kids. Yet, his most generous act came when the family had some issues with their transportation.

The basketball star took the family to the Mercedes Dealership and bought them a custom 15-passenger vehicle so the whole family could travel together comfortably. Sometime later, Shaq shared a meal with the family, tipping the waitress $1,000. He then learned the dad was having a problem with the heating and cooling in his truck. As a result, Shaq took him to the Ford Dealer to buy a new truck.

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A post shared by Karissa Collins (@thecollinskids)

The family and Shaq become connected because he “loved watching” the family’s Instagram videos. Ultimately, the whole family formed a connection with Shaq, including the children who are more weary of new people, according to Karissa.

Shaq Creates Brighter Futures

It seems offering this family friendship and support isn’t his only act of kindness. In fact, Shaq has a history of being a generous man and making a difference in people’s lives, particularly the lives of children. Every Christmas since 1997, Shaq has hosted an event for underprivileged children in which kids receive toys, food, clothes, and other necessities. Later 1999, he began partnering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. His partnership would eventually lead to the establishment of the Shaq Foundation in 2019. According to the foundation’s website, it’s their mission to “provide resources and opportunities to under-served children”.

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Making a Quiet Difference

Although Shaq’s career has landed him in the public eye, and his foundation is visible to all, he often does quiet deeds of kindness and apparently prefers it that way. A lesser-known moment in which Shaq helped change the life of another individual took place at a Zales jewelry store. At the mall, Shaq overheard a man asking about the money he owed for an engagement ring. Shaq offered to cover the ring, allowing the man to go home and give the love of his life the ring of her dreams, with a sweet and sentimental story attached.

Many of Shaq’s former teammates and friends describe him as incredibly generous. Unsurprisingly, the town of Carrollton reaped some of those benefits after he moved there last year. In addition to his company around town, the Texas city residents have been given money and, in some cases, appliances by the generous, kind, and down-to-earth Basketball legend. Shaq has summed his reasoning up in a few heartwarming yet simple words. “I just want to make people happy,” he said. In fact, these are things he does often, according to the legend himself. “The other day my wife and I were furniture shopping. And this lady she had this autistic daughter. She was looking to pay for some furniture. I just took care of it.” He shared in an interview with the Dallas Observer.

Success in Many Endeavors

It turns out there are even more layers to the man who made basketball history and made countless charitable contributions. Remarkably, he’s had several other professional endeavors and been incredibly successful in nearly every aspect of his life. Born in 1972, it wasn’t long before he caught the attention of basketball scouts. He was first noticed for his talents in High School, attending Cole High School in San Antonio, Texas, and later enrolling at Louisiana State University, playing college Basketball. Named the 1992 NBA Rookie of the Year during his first season, he played a major role in his second season, helping the Magic get to their first-ever Play-Offs.

Although his Basketball career is impressive and full of incredible stats, he’s also held his hand in many other trades, including music, acting, business, sportscasting, and one other unexpected career path. In 2005, he became an honorary U.S. Deputy Marshal and was sworn in as a sheriff’s deputy in Clayton County, Georgia, in 2016. Shaq later became an auxiliary deputy for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida in 2019.

Like most people, Shaq’s life hasn’t been without his hardships, and he grew up with a father who had a substance reliance. Ultimately, his father relinquished his rights, leaving Shaq to be raised by his mother and stepfather. His height and his talent make him a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, his kind and generous heart makes him someone relatable and loved by the masses.

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