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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 27, 2024 ·  5 min read

This Korean Couple, 61 & 56, Will Make You Rethink The Definition of a Healthy Couple

For many getting older is hard because people become less self-sufficient, mobile, and agile. Bodies stop working the way they used to and doing anything takes longer than it ever did before. However, it is possible to defy the odds. It’s possible to look and feel great at any age, it’s all a matter of perspective and perseverance. A perfect example is a senior couple aged 61 and 56 who began working out together, improving their health while bringing them closer together.

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A Senior Couple that Inspires

A senior couple from Seoul, Korea is sparking inspiration for people to live their best, healthy, lives. The Korean senior couple partook in a popular South Korean trend. People are encouraged to work out for 6 months straight and share their changes over time. Grace, the senior couple’s daughter, shared a video in which she explains her parents’ fitness journey. The pair looks so spectacular that they quickly went viral. Interestingly, these types of challenges don’t apply to senior couples, but Grace’s parents thought they’d give it a go anyway.

Grace’s 61-year-old father, who’s always been physically active was inspired by the challenge and recruited his 56-year-old wife to join him. Years ago, Grace’s mother was overweight but after having their son, she decided to start swimming daily. Swimming became a part of her daily routine for the next 5 years. Meanwhile, Grace’s father, who’d done kickboxing and was playing soccer weekly, had to minimize his exercise time to no more than 30 minutes a day after a knee injury.

Due to injuries and aging the senior couple was forced to take it easy, meaning strenuous activities or games weren’t ideal. However, Grace’s dad heard about the challenge and was excited to push himself to be in better shape. Grace’s mom followed right along with him because the senior couple “have always been a team”. After 6 months, the senior couple felt so good about themselves they continued to push themselves to new heights, or weights in this case.

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Gaining Fame for Fitness

Their popular senior couple now has more than 180,000 followers on Instagram, and even more on TikTok. The senior couple uses their social media presence to share updates about their daily lives, diet plans and workout routines, and even their date nights sometimes. Grace notes that the family highly prioritizes one another so even though the kids live in America, they make sure to get together at least once a year for a family trip. Grace also discloses, that even during the holidays, her parents still make time to work out. The couple attribute not only their great health to working out together, but also their tight bond. One video highlights the fact that when they work out together, they’re supporting and encouraging one another.

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Staying Fit as a Senior Couple

It’s incredible what this senior couple has been able to overcome and achieve. They’re an absolute inspiration to the masses. However, like Grace’s father, some people have injuries or other disabilities that cause limitations. Luckily, it’s still possible to stay fit and make healthy choices every day. Healthline explains that it’s important to “blend” exercises that strengthen, improve flexibility and balance, and build endurance. Noting that while this may seem a little intimidating, the most important aspect, is to get some exercise, even if for only a few minutes.

“Raising the heart rate with moderate cardio for just 30 minutes every day can make a significant improvement,” explains personal trainer Jessica Jones. “You can start off moderately with 10 to 15 minutes of brisk walking and work your way up to more intensive aerobic activity as your body adapts.”

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Meanwhile, partial movements are suggested when dealing certain conditions that cause inflammation or swelling, such as arthritis. For example, it’s recommended to do wall push-ups rather than pushups on the floor. It’s also suggested that running on softer surfaces can minimize added pressure to the joints. Additionally, walking rather than running or jogging may be a healthy medium.

Additionally, stretching and doing warm up exercises can also be a great way to keep your body agile and feeling healthy while simultaneously getting in a little extra cardio.

Eat a Rainbow

Equally as important as staying active, is eating well and fueling your body with all the nutrients it needs. Ensuring a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can help because it ensures a wider range of nutrients. Couple that with supplementation such as fish oils or daily vitamins to help the body gets everything it needs to properly function day to day. It’s important to note that as a senior couple or individual, nutrition needs may change with age, and vary from person to person.

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The senior couple from Korea share a bond that is deep. Considered an integral part of ensuring longevity in life. After all, love and companionship are both essential in maintaining positive mental health. John’s Hopkins suggests that there are 12 main elements” that ensure a healthy and happy relationship. Meanwhile, Harvard Health explains in depth the importance of a healthy relationship.

The senior couple from Korea are incredibly bonded to one another as well as their children. They look healthy, happy, and fulfilled. Staying fit and agile all the while getting the endorphins from their daily workouts! Living proof that with a little hard work and determination, you truly can accomplish anything.

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