Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
December 27, 2023 ·  3 min read

Schoolgirl Sent Home After Her Outfit ‘Made Teacher Feel Awkward’

A schoolgirl sent home from a British Columbia high school [1] has sparked outrage about the unfair dress code expectation females are held to in the school system. 

Of course, this topic doesn’t just live in highschools. Females worldwide are held to expectations about how to dress and what ‘message’ you are delivering if you choose to dress in different ways.

However, why is anyone sexualizing these girls just for going to school dressed in an outfit they feel comfortable in. Because showing knees, god forbid, will make teachers feel uncomfortable due to their own inner demons. 

The situation 

Karis, A Norkam Senior Secondary senior, was sent home for violating the dress code [1]. 

I’m certain that when you read the violated dress code, you envisioned booty shorts, tube tops, or shirts that show a generous amount of cleavage. 

I hate to break it to you, but the schoolgirl sent home didn’t even expose her shoulders.

schoolgirl sent home for inappropriate dress
Image Credit: Christopher Wilson | Facebook

School Girl sent home violated… what dress code?

It’s clear that Karis violated absolutely no dress code. She is wearing a turtleneck (covering her neck, arms, and chest) with a black knee-length dress. 

The schoolgirl sent home did NOTHING wrong!

On what planet does this warrant embarrassing a student and denying them education for a day? It’s absolutely insane if you ask me.

Teachers are to be role models and support their students no matter what. Not embarrass them.

Schoolgirl sent home father is speaking up

Christopher Wilson, the school girl’s father, took his frustration out on a Facebook live video that now has upwards of 100,000 views. Go Karis’ dad!

I’m disappointed in the system. My beautiful, 17-year-old daughter went to school today feeling excited, feeling good about herself, and ready to learn,” says Christopher [2]. 

She sat down in class and after a short period of time was centered out by the teacher and told the outfit that she was wearing mad or could make her or her teacher’s assistant, who is a male, uncomfortable,” he continued.

“So, my daughter walked home in tears. I’m pretty upset about this happening in 2021.”

Sent home for wearing LACE? 

During an interview with CBC Radio West, Christopher elaborated about the events that took place.

He revealed pretty shocking details about his daughter’s run-in with her teacher during this interview.

It’s actually a very modest outfit when you actually look at it… I think the initial comments were based on the fact that it had lace,” he shares [3].

Although it’s been hard, Karis hopes no other girl goes through this.

We see this end up online we’ve seen stories of things happening throughout the united states or somewhere else, and it can ‘never happen to us,’ ‘it will never hit home.’ and it hit home. I can’t even explain how disappointing it is that in 2021 for a teacher to center a student out and say what you’re wearing is making people feel uncomfortable and drag her down to the office” [2]. 

What do you think? Would you have sent her home?

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