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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

Why You Should Leave a Bag of Rice in Your Closet

Why would you put a bag of rice in your closet? Well, the answer might surprise you. Those who do their own washing will know of the struggles to keep their clothes smelling as if they’ve just come out of the washing machine. Sometimes we only wear certain items every now and then. This means those items might soak up any odd smells that may accumulate in your cupboard. This goes for the linen closet too. Well, some people seem to have found a brilliant trick.

Why Put Rice in Your Closet?

In the midst of our fast-paced lives, there is an undeniable temptation to find clever shortcuts and ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. We are torn between our demanding work schedules and our personal responsibilities, so much so that the path of the least resistance has become something of irresistible measure.

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No one wants any complications to arise while we deal with the daily juggles. If they do, we all strive for the easiest solution. This is where the phrase, prevention is better than a cure comes in. Instead of having to fix something that broke, why not try everything in your power to keep it from breaking in the first place? So, the question of why you would put rice in your closet still remains.

Rice in Your Closet Keeps Your Clothes Smelling Nice

People seem to have found the ultimate hack for keeping your clothes and linen smelling amazing. This is not with a diffuser or some chemical-based room scenting spray. All they do is make use of a jar filled with uncooked rice. Yes, that’s right, the grain that grows in water paddies that is enjoyed by various cultures around the world. Rice has this amazing ability to absorb moisture from the air. Or, from our soaked electronic devices that managed to find themselves in a body of water… usually by accident.

However, instead of it sucking the moisture from the air, this hack is based on keeping a room from smelling nasty. In other words, some genius person worked out that rice also absorbs odors, and not just humidity. So, putting rice in your closet seems to be a great way to keep your clothes smelling fresh and delightful.

What To Do

Now, putting rice in your closet sounds easy enough, right? Well, there is actually a method to this madness. One could simply just add some rice to a jar and place it into the closet willy-nilly. Or, you could go the extra mile and add some essential oils to make your closet smell like your favorite scent. The method is simple enough, and this is what you should do.

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First, pour about a cup of rice into a jar and refrain from putting the lid back on. You can put two cups of rice if you have a bigger closet. Next, take your favorite essential oil and put 10 or 20 drops of it over the uncooked rice. After that, give the rice a good stir to mix the oils and the grains. Lastly, you have the option of covering the jar with a cheesecloth. You can seal it with an elastic band. Place the jar with scented rice in your closet next to your clothes.

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Another method for scented rice in your closet could be to use a hemp material bag. Pour the same amount of rice and essential oils; instead of a jar, you can use a hemp material bag. This way you can hang the bag amongst your hanging clothes.

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