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March 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman makes a living by renting out her ‘handy’ husband for $45 an hour

Having someone around the house to help with all the nitty-gritty things that need fixing is extremely helpful. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone at hand at all times. One woman has a particularly helpful husband who knows a thing or two about building. She started a business for the two of them where she hired out his skills to other people who need help. She calls him her “handy husband.”

Handy Husband, at your service
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Laura and her handy husband

One day, Laura was scrolling through social media when she discovered something that changed her and her husband’s lives forever. It came as a podcast where someone would hire himself out by assembling furniture for those who need it. She was so inspired by this idea. Knowing her husband, James is a mean handyman; she decided it was time for them to change careers. And so, their “handy husband” business was born.

Laura made a Facebook page called “Rent my handy husband,” where she advertises her handy husband’s skills. There you can see a plethora of pictures of her hubby showcasing his abilities. He is hard at work in each of them. In the description of the page, they have given a definition for what “handyman” means. “Handyman: (noun) a person able or employed to do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations,” it reads.

Laura and her handy husband, James
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On the spectrum

Four years ago, James received some interesting about himself. He was diagnosed as being somewhere along the spectrum of Autism. Two of their three children are also on the spectrum. This might explain why he is good at his work because perfectionism is one of the traits of autistic people. This can only be a great help for their “handy husband” business. “He’s got a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. He sees things differently,” Laura said Laura about her husband.

Their business is booming these days. Customers are calling on their services from all over, and they have so much work they are fully booked for quite some time. Some of them are even 150 miles away from their home. James was able to quit his job to focus entirely on his work as a handy husband. Moreover, he is able to spend more time with his family as the hours are much more flexible.

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Handy husband hard at work
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$44 an hour

Laura and her handy husband are a dynamic work duo. Laura takes all the bookings and manages the business from the back end, and James goes out and does the labor. She rents him out for £40 an hour, which is approximately $44 USD. “If you’re local to Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, and the surrounding areas northwest of London, England, you can hire Rent My Handy Husband for £40,” wrote Laura while pushing James’s services online.

James is not your average construction worker, but more of a DIY expert. He can help with assembling furniture, painting walls, and changing light fixtures. From his Facebook page, this handy husband is even seen tinkering on a car,s suggesting he knows a little about auto repair work as well. Laura wrote this in the caption: “Is there nothing he can’t do?! Did you know my handy husband went back to college to train as a mechanic aged 40? He’s very handy to have around!”

Handy husband doing some mechanic work.
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Furthermore, you can call on this handy husband to help fix broken appliances, neaten up or landscape your garden, install some funky light fixtures to your kids’ rooms, add some paving work, install some tiles in your bathroom, or just about anything. All you have to do is contact Laura, and make a booking.

Handy husband can decorate your kids room
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