Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 7, 2024 ·  2 min read

Photographer captures little children and their grandparents and the pictures are beyond amazing

Grandparents are the most beautiful and loving people in the world. They make amazing mentors and companions for their grandchildren. They love without pressure and their bosoms are among the safest places for a child. 

Memories flood my heart whenever I think about my grandmother (which is just about every day). She’s millions of miles away, but I’m glad she’s still with me. Those days of Scottish shortbread, cookies, and milk may be gone, but her kind words would never cease to comfort my heart in times of distress. 

No matter what a person turns out to be in life, you can be sure that your grandparents will love you to the end. Your parents may be angry and disappointed for a while, your siblings may be hurt by your choices, your friends may abandon you when you need them the most, but your grandparents would travel miles around the world with frail bones and aching joints to hold you in their arms and plant a kiss on your forehead.

Priceless moments

Award-winning photographer and storyteller, Sujata Setia captured a series of 12 photos of children with their grandparents, melting the hearts of millions of people online. Setia’s motivation to create the series came when she discovered that she had no photos with her grandparents as a child.

When I look back at all my family photo albums, there is not a single image I find with my grandparents,” she wrote on Bored Panda. [1]There are images with Mom, Dad, my brother… even with my dog and a stray cat whom we had adopted… but seriously none with my grandpa and grandma. And those were the two people I loved the most… I still do, even after they are long gone.”

Embarking on the project has helped her to rebuild the wonderful memories she made with the two people who mattered the most to her in the world. There’s so much for a child to learn from elderly companions. 

And so, I have sworn that whichever part of the world I will travel to now… I will make sure to photograph a grandparent or great grandparent with their grandchild… for how often really do we get our grandparents into the frame?!”

The companionship between children and their grandparents should be fostered and encouraged. No one teaches a child kindness and generosity like a grandparent would. Also, loneliness is an increasingly growing problem among the elderly, and children make the most exciting companions. 

If a child’s grandparents have passed away, it would help someone out there if they spend time with an elderly person in the community or in an old people’s home. Nothing gladdens the hearts of senior citizens more than the sight of fussy, energetic, and light-hearted children. These two age groups have more in common than any others and can relate the most to each other.

Setia’s amazing photos:


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