Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
January 1, 2024 ·  3 min read

Five Questions for… the ‘1 in 30 People Who Poo in the Shower’

Did you know that 1 in 30 people poop in the shower? Shocking right?

Who knew that in the middle of a skin and hair routine, people are out here popping a squat in the shower. Obviously, the toilet (most likely on the other side of the shower) is too far for them.

There’s no doubt we all have our own quirks. Personally, I tend to leave cups wherever I go. Like seriously everywhere!

Interestingly enough, I’ve even heard some strange things about how people take their showers.

For example, I think many of us know that some people pee in the shower (you know who you are). Another example is people who brush their teeth while in there. And finally, after years of getting accustomed to strange habits people have when I was in university, I came across shower drinkers. To clarify, these are people who bring beers or any can-type beverage in the shower with them.

All that considered, nothing compares to people who poop in the shower. Yikes.

Survey reveals 1 in 30 people poop in the shower

Honestly, I’m confused why someone would research this in the first place. However, a recent survey conducted by QS supplies discovered this very bizarre statistic. The survey of 1,000 participants found that 1 in 30 people poop in the shower.

Credit: QS Supplies
Image Credit: QS Supplies

Of course, there’s a chance the participants in this study are just, for lack of a better word, weird? Or maybe lying for a little bit of joke?

However, a recent Twitter poll, published after these findings went viral, demonstrates that more people poop in the shower than you might think.

Image Credit: CharlotteBHC | Twitter

Apparently, there are a lot of shower ‘poopers’, and I have some questions

How does the process even work?

Firstly, how does this even work? I ask this because all I can think about is someone in the middle of shampooing their hair, taking a squat, and pooping.

Additionally, when does it happen? When you first get in the shower so you can still clean after the deed is done?

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When you poop in the shower, does it get on you?

In the event that you poop in the shower, does it get on you?

Like, do your legs, and feet get the poop on them? Do you step on it or use your hands to move it out of the way after the poop in on the tub? Not to mention, why don’t you just go to the toilet?

After you poop in the shower, where does it go?

Seriously, where does it go? Correct me if I’m wrong but it would just be sitting on the bottom of the tub?

Do you pick it up with a bag? Do you spray water on it until it dilutes? Maybe you shove it down the drain??

Can someone please clarify this??

Do you need to see a doctor? Is everything alright?

In the hope that everything’s okay, is everything okay?

I’m having a hard time understanding why the 1 in 30 people who poop in the shower don’t use the toilet that’s right beside the shower?

Can you not make it there? Do you need to see someone about this?

When pooping in the shower, what are you think about??

Lastly, I have to ask – what are you thinking about when you poop in the shower?

Are you thinking about the fact you are pooping in the shower, or are you thinking about normal things like what groceries you need?

Basically, this statistic will prevent me from showering in ANYONE’S home ever again.

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