spray painting dead plants
Jade Small
Jade Small
May 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Are Spray Painting Their Dead Plants To Bring Them Back To Life

On one gloriously hot day, you stepped outside and noticed that your plants have been decaying before your very eyes! Okay, okay… it is summertime and there has not been much rainfall this season, so do you blame yourself? Maybe… But, there is a way to redeem yourself and your beautiful garden. Some people have resorted to spray-painting dead plants as a way to revive them, and the result has a surprising wow factor.

There are a lot of places in the world that thrive off a dry climate. Whether you would like it or not, this is the place you have chosen to call home so you will have to work with what you have been given. Some plants would thrive off a drought, like cacti and succulents. But this is not for everyone – we all have our ideas of what our gardens will look like. For most of us, we admire the luscious green colors that adorn the vegetation with an iridescent glow at twilight. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Nobody wants a dead garden!

If succulents and cacti are not for you, preferring the leafy greens that need a bit more pampering with water and fertilizer. You might find that it hits your budget from a funny angle at times. Specifically now during the global pandemic where so many of us have struggled to put food on the table, let alone buy expensive nutrients for plants when they don’t contribute to your well-being – or so you thought. Plants have a massive impact on your mental and emotional state. A dead garden is not going to improve any moods, no matter how much denial you feel on the topic.

dead plant before and after spray painting
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If you are an avid hacker for this crazy rollercoaster we call life – I salute you. There is nothing better than finding a way to make things easier for yourself. We all have enough stress as it is, let alone tending to every whim of our overly-sensitive plants, who throw a yellowing tantrum when they don’t get enough water. A quick spritz of some green spray paint will make it look like your shrubbery has had a life of constant attention when you don’t have the time or energy for your plants’ demanding nature.

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Spray painting dead plants

One mother from the United Kingdom boasted her efforts online and the pictures have gone viral! She told the web that she originally used just one shade of green – the deep emerald green we all adore so much in healthy plants. However, this did bring an air of fakeness to the plants, which is undesirable – to say the least. The idea is to not bring any of the wrong attention to the plants by making them look overly bright. The idea is to make them seem realistically alive and thriving, which is done best by using two shades of green. Not all leaves are the same color. Some have more exposure to the sun than others which will change their coloring.

Spray painting dead plants
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Spray painting dead plants with a combination of dark and luscious green and a lighter green that has more yellow in it will give the impression of a living plant – which is what you want. If you are worried that the leaves will fall off eventually and your efforts will be in vain, you could try to spray a layer of transparent spray paint to hold the plant together or preserve it. Clear spray paint comes in either a matte finish or a glossy one so it’s up to you which one you pick.

This is not the most expected method for gardening, but it works for some. Would you try this in your garden?

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