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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 16, 2023 ·  3 min read

Passenger Applauded for Refusing to Swap Seats So Family Could Sit Together

While traveling by flight cuts down one’s travel time, they can often be confrontational. Everyone wants a seat by the window- or they want to sit with their friends and family. While it would be perfectly fine in certain situations, in others- not so much. Most people tend to get too entitled when they are traveling via plane, resulting in them squabbling with others over their seating issues. In a recent r/AITA post, a passenger stated that he had stood his ground over such a squabble. Now, while the family that argued with him over the seat called him rude words, he wondered if he had done the right thing by not giving up the seat. 

When I got on the plane, a family of four approached me and asked if I could switch spots. Normally I’d be okay with that but switching spots would mean moving back 20 rows down which leaves me at an inconvenience and I would not be getting my money’s worth. I rejected it and said that I would like to keep my seat. The woman said that I was being an asshole and I should just give up my seat so she could sit with her husband and kids. I said, ‘Respectfully ma’am, your travel issues are not my problem. I am keeping the seat that I paid for.

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Passenger Gets Lauded On Reddit For Not Catering To Entitled Passengers

Although the wife’s husband understood the situation, he still stated that it would have been better to simply compromise a bit. But the wife definitely created a scene that was completely unwarranted. To this, OP responded, “Maybe you should have booked ahead of time, or spent more money on tickets so you all could sit together. This is not my issue. Grow up and get over it. I am not moving seats. End of story!” Nevertheless, the passenger kept mulling if he had done the right thing or not in this situation. So, what did r/AITA state?

One user u/Kuchi_Kopi_49 mentioned, “If it was really about seating together, why didn’t they ask the people 20 rows back if they’d like the better seats upfront? They’d still all be together.” To this, one user u/Rude-Dog2559 replied, “They never do that! It’s always about the more expensive seats.

Another user u/cagitsawnothing mentioned, “Um as someone who paid for seats so me and baby and husband could be together, only for that flight to get canceled and on new flight get offered shit seats, it’s not always that the parent didn’t pay. It is sometimes airline that messed up.” Yet another u/tildelid stated, “I wonder if the husband thought it would have been easier to just give up the seat…why didn’t he give his own seat to his wife?” One user aptly responded to this with, “Enablers always marry narcissists.

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