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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
March 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

Parents Share The Creepy Stuff Their Kids Have Said To Them

Children have some of the most interesting experiences at very young ages. When you’re a parent and your kid has an imaginary friend, you don’t think too much of it. A lot of kids have make-believe pals that they talk to every now and then. It’s just their creative little minds finding ways to entertain themselves. However, sometimes these imaginary friends aren’t so friendly after all. These parents on Twitter share some of the creepy stuff their kids have said to them.

Creepy Stuff Kids Have Said

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

When your kid has a nightmare and asks to sleep with you, you typically don’t think much of it. You’re too tired and too exhausted to really deal with whatever it is they’re scared of. So you let them into your bed, and sleep the night away in peace. The next morning you ask them why they were so scared and sometimes the answer isn’t what you’d expect. Of course, kids have some of the most creative imaginations. However, there are some things kids say that can be absolutely creepy. Take this one, for example, posted by Barlow Adams on Twitter.

It’s hard to know what you should say to your kid when they tell you about an old woman who has no skin on her hands. Other than we are packing up all of our belongings and moving far away from here. Especially when they are actively telling you in broad daylight that they are seeing ghosts in the hallway. There aren’t a lot of options other than dowsing the house with holy water and smudging as much sage as you possibly can.

More Creepy Kid Stories

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

Even more, parents respond to Barlow Adams’s tweet by sharing their own kid’s creepy stories. This parent that responded about their kid reminds me of the Sixth Sense a little bit. That movie was all about a creepy kid who was able to talk to dead people on a daily basis. However, this kid is able to tell how long people have been dead already.

The creepiness just keeps getting better

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

Can you even imagine your two-year-old telling you that you’re not his real mom? It’s hard to fathom what could possibly cause your child to say something so out-worldly to you. What’s even creepier is when they’re older and they can vividly remember these experiences.

Creepy Stuff Kids See And Say

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

What’s even more surreal is that some kids claim that they’ve seen their dead relatives before. Usually, while they’re sleeping or doing something by themselves. For this two-year-old, she was unknowingly being visited by her grandparents whom she’d never met before.

There are also some people who claim they have no memory of doing the creepy stuff they did as a kid. It’s hard to be able to recall these intense moments when they were so long ago. However, the aching feeling that they might be right still lingers even after all this time. Fear can be a powerful emotion, especially when it comes to our family members.

Is It Creepy If You’ve Had The Same Thing Happen To You?

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

Possiby one of the more haunting responses to Barlow’s tweet. This person claims that she witnessed the exact same ghost when she was a child. What’s even more interesting is that these are completely different people. Creating a lot more questions than answers which makes this story even creepier. All of the horror movies I’ve ever watched that involve ghosts usually involve kids too. Children are susceptible to the boogeymen of the night that lie in their closets, in the hallway, or even at their bedside.

It gets weirder

Image Credit: Barlow Adams | Twitter

Sometimes the fear can be so strong that it lasts you your entire life. Something that made you so scared to even close your eyes to try to sleep at night. Even though you’ve gone years with nothing ever happening to you, you don’t want to take the risk. One false move and your childhood nightmare will come back to get you. A lot of childhood trauma horror movies revolve around nightmare fuel such as this. Have you ever seen the movie The Nun? There’s a whole series about a lifelong demonic nun that follows these children all the way into their adulthood.

It takes a lot for a nightmare or a creepy experience to manifest into something deeper. There are some things that just cannot be simply explained. Sometimes smudging the house with sage or even placing crucifixes can do so much to ward off evil. Packing up the kids and selling the house might not seem like a bad idea after all. Do you have any crazy childhood ghosts or nightmares you can think of?

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