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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 8, 2024 ·  3 min read

You Might Want to Think Twice Before Cooking Bacon in an Air Fryer

In recent years, the air fryer has emerged as a staple kitchen appliance, capturing the culinary imagination of households worldwide. With its promise of healthier cooking and convenience, it’s no wonder that these compact machines have soared in popularity. From crispy fries to juicy chicken wings, the possibilities seem endless. However, as with any cooking method, there are caveats and considerations to heed, especially when frying bacon in the air fryer.

The Channel 5 Obsession and Channel 4’s Coup

Air Fryer
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The omnipresence of air fryers in modern kitchens has not gone unnoticed, particularly by avid viewers of cooking shows. A television station in the UK known as Channel 5, has dedicated significant airtime to extolling the virtues of air fryers. Yet, the plot thickened when rival Channel 4 secured Jamie Oliver for an exclusive air fryer series, leaving fans wondering what culinary delights were in store. This frenzy of media attention speaks volumes about society’s appetite for innovation in the kitchen. But even with various people’s obsession with air fryers, here are things you shouldn’t do with them.

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The Cautionary Tale of Bacon In The Air Fryer

Bacon and eggs
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While air fryers offer versatility, not all foods are suited to this cooking method. One such cautionary tale revolves around the beloved breakfast staple: bacon. Dietitian Brenda Peralta issues a stark warning against attempting to air-fry bacon due to its high-fat content and peculiar shape. As tempting as it may be to envision sizzling strips emerging from the air fryer, the reality may be far less appetizing.

The Risks and Pitfalls

Fried Bacon
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Peralta highlights the potential hazards of cooking bacon in an air fryer, citing the risk of uneven cooking, smoke, and splatter. The confluence of fat and heat can lead to a smoking spectacle, reminiscent of a culinary catastrophe. Moreover, the delicate nature of bacon strips poses challenges in handling, risking breakage and frustration. In a world where presentation is paramount, the air fryer’s limitations become glaringly apparent.

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Practical Considerations and Alternatives To Frying Bacon In The Air Fryer

bacon strips
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Beyond the culinary theatrics, practical considerations come into play. The limited capacity of air fryer baskets means that cooking large quantities of bacon becomes a logistical nightmare, particularly when catering to groups. As such, Peralta advises reverting to traditional cooking methods, such as the trusty frying pan or grill, for optimal results and minimal hassle.

Conclusion: Navigating the Air Fryer Landscape

Air Fryer
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In the ever-evolving landscape of kitchen gadgets, the air fryer reigns supreme, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of home cooking. However, amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to approach its usage with caution and discernment. While bacon may seem like a natural fit for the air fryer, its idiosyncrasies render it a risky proposition. As consumers, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the potential pitfalls and make informed decisions about how we wield this culinary innovation. After all, in the realm of cooking, knowledge is the ultimate seasoning.

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