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Jade Small
March 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

Newborn Was Called Ugly & Looked Like ‘A Villager’ – Now She’s Grown into an ‘Absolutely Beautiful Little Lady’

Every parent that welcomes a baby into the world sees them as the most beautiful thing in the world. They parade their new addition to their friends and family, never doubting their cuteness. One mother went viral for posting about the unique appearance of her second baby. She thought she was making a clone of herself, but her child came out looking completely different.

She started a whole new trend on TikTok called the Ugly Baby Trend which gained her a lot of online attention. Fast forward to today, and her so-called “ugly” daughter has blossomed into a beautiful girl.

Daring to be Honest

It is not exactly normal to hear parents calling their children “ugly”. However, one mother, Lucy Baehr, has captured the world’s attention with her posts about her long-awaited baby girl, Reece. She claimed to think her daughter would come out looking like a clone of herself, but she ended up looking completely different. Her nose was a little on the large side, according to Lucy. So, she decided to post about her awkward-looking baby girl. This started a trend called the “Ugly Baby Trend.

The video has since been viewed millions of times and received 4,5 million likes. The comments section is filled with comments from people joining in the fun with Rreece and her parents. Many people started making comparisons for who she resembled the most. One person wrote: “Sorry but I thought she looked like boris johnson. She’s cute tho.” Another person compared her to Prince William. “WHY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE PRINCE WILLIAM?”

Other mothers also chimed in about how their children looked nothing like them and only took after their fathers. They also pointed out that they were the ones having to deal with nine months of pregnancy. “Nine months of nausea and chaos and they come out looking like their dads,” one mother wrote.

One person commented on the TikTok video saying that little Reece looked a lot like the house elf from Harry Potter. “She looked like Doby from Harry Potter,” they wrote. Another person thought Reece resembled someone from the Simpsons. “reminded me of Mr burns from the Simpsons,” they wrote.

Glow Up

Reece was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that a few years have passed, she is a giggling little three-year-old toddler. Lucy’s Instagram gained a lot of followers, thanks to her viral TikTok video. Many people eagerly await their family updates, and follow the lives of her two daughters.

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Reece went from being compared to fictional characters from movies, or even older men, to being praised for her cute beauty. Her hair is now shoulder-length and a beautiful shade of blonde. Reece is seen in many of the posts from Lucy playing with toy dinosaurs that seem to have been a gift for Christmas. Lucy pointed out how much Reece and her older sister look alike, but they have very different personalities. “We have entered the dinosaur phase,” she wrote in the caption for one post. “This includes her throwing them at me yelling, “Rawwwwrrrrrr dinosaur.” She may look just like a big sister but her interests (so far) and personality are 10000% opposite…

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If you were to scroll through Lucy’s Instagram feed, the Ugly Baby trend is clearly a thing of the past. The comments from her 2646 followers now gush over Reece and her big sister’s cuteness.

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