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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

World’s most pampered toddler bathed in milk and honey with solid gold binky

Children have a tendency to wrap their parents around their little fingers. The worst aisle in any shop is the one with sweets filling each shelf. Songs of screaming toddlers fill the air, and parents’ poker faces get some good practice as they try not to fuel the fire of their child’s desire. One toddler in the UK knows nothing of the word, “no,” because his parents give him whatever he asks for – no screaming needed. He has everything he will ever need, including a binky made of solid gold.

A binky made of gold

For most toddlers, a binky is very precious. But, it’s not in the way most humans place value, being more on the sentimental side of life. The monetary value of most binkies is about $2 – $5 each, depending on the shop you buy them from. One family loves their toddler so much, that they decided to splurge a little bit. They bought their son a binky worth about $1200! You might be thinking how can a binky cost so much? Well, this is because it is made of solid gold.

Kasey Akram is the mother of this lucky little toddler. She is 32 years old and reportedly living on benefits, but she claims she cannot stop forking out money for her son. She adores him and says that she loves to spoil her son, whom she named Jareem.

As soon as I had my little boy, my obsession changed from how I looked to focusing on my son,” said Kasey.” He’s the loveliest little boy in the world and I’ve fallen out with friends over how much I’ve spent on him. I buy my clothes off of Vinted so I can buy him what he wants.

“I’ll be wearing charity shop clothes while he’s wearing a £50 t-shirt and if I had the choice I would walk around naked so he could wear what he wants.”

Not only does he have this extensive and expensive binky, but he has been gifted with other lavish items as well. Some of those items included a Versace chain valued at about $900, as well as a bracelet with diamonds encrusted, worth about $1000.

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He bathed in milk and honey

This mum is determined for her son to give the best of the best to her son, even if she is not working at this moment in time. Where there is a will, there is a way. For Kasey, the “way” is occasionally calling up her ex-partner, and father of her toddler. From him, she gets the money for the elaborate lifestyle she is providing from him.

“Whatever he likes, he gets and if I can’t afford it I ring his dad and get the money,” says Kasey. “I’m not working at the moment, I do all this on benefits and the help of my ex-partner.”

He has a daily hygiene routine that is fit for the gods. This includes getting his hair cut at a barber shop every fortnight. No one but the manager is allowed to cut her son’s hair. It does not stop there. Three times every week, Jareem has a bath. But, not just any bath. As opposed to water, his tub is filled with milk and honey, which rings with the sound of divinity and upper class.

When Kasey goes to the nail salon for her weekly nail touch-up, she brings Jareem along. The beauty technicians give him a mini pedicure while he waits for his mum. This papered baby boy is being set up for a life with high expectations when it comes to grooming.

The most pampered toddler

Kasey wants to put her son before her own needs whenever she deems it necessary. At one stage, she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because the frame of her bed broke. Instead of buying a new one for herself, she bought him a tractor bed worth $350!

x buys their water for drinking. She says she is scared the estrogen in the tap water will make her son grow breasts. “He’s never drunk tap water in his life and I sacked my nanny because she gave him tap water,” said Kasey.

He is very attached to his mother, who dotes on him at every opportunity. He does not sleep through the night, but Kasey doesn’t seem to mind. She says: “He still wakes up five times a night and apparently I’m too soft with him but if you had a child in the middle of the pandemic you would be the same.”

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