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June 30, 2024 ·  5 min read

Dad Says He’s ‘Motivating’ Mom With PPD To Lose Weight By Having Kids Call Her Miss Piggy

I don’t know about you, but if somebody called me miss piggy the only thing I’d be motivated to do is murder them!

Postpartum Depression, also called PDD, for short, is a mental condition many mothers suffer from after giving birth to a child. According to the CDC, one in every ten moms is affected by PDD [1,2]. Some of the effects Postpartum depression causes are anxiety, sadness on extreme levels, insomnia, and irritability. Sometimes, if left untreated, it can even lead to suicidal thoughts and cause a mother not to want her baby [1,2]. By extension, the whole family will suffer should a mother have PDD. Not only that, but the baby’s overall development is at risk, especially if the mother is very withdrawn and not able to be a “mother.”

As you can imagine, no mother wants to be made to feel like she isn’t good enough, or made fun of. Even more so, a mom with Postpartum Depression. The effects on her self-esteem and confidence will do nothing but dwindle even more.

This mom has PDD. She opened up to her husband about her insecurities. Sadly, he opted to be unsupportive and made her cry and resorted to calling her things like miss piggy, amongst other hurtful things.

New mom Posts on Reddit

This new mom, decided to post her story on Reddit’s AITA community for some help and guidance. Here’s what she posted:[2]

I (32F) gave birth back in October. Since then, it’s been extremely difficult for me to lose the baby weight… mainly due to my postpartum depression. I get next to no sleep attending to my children and most mornings, I can barely get out of bed, much less drive to the gym. It’s been a dark few months for me. I’ve told these things to my partner “Dave” (43 M) and though he said he understood, I don’t think he really does. Though never explicitly stating it, he makes jokes and comments that imply I’m lazy and that he’s no longer attracted to me.

She goes on to say how her husband calls her miss piggy

Last week, I broke down to him about not being able to lose weight, and he said that he would push me to do so because he loves me. Since then, he’s taken a “Biggest Loser” approach and started calling me Miss piggy and has instructed all of my friends and family, even my kids, to do so. I hate this nickname, but he says it’s supposed to motivate me to lose weight. I think he really believes it’s going to help me, but I feel really undermined while parenting because of this nickname.

Furthermore, she explains how angry she is

The other night, my family was eating and my children started oinking at me, and out of frustration, I started yelling at my husband. We have a rule not to yell in front of the kids, but we’re almost always in front of the kids during quarantine and I feel so dismissed. The kids started crying and Dave says I’m to blame.

Reddit responds to husband calling her miss piggy

As you can imagine, the Reddit community was furious. How could any loving husband call his wife names like miss piggy and claim it to be for “motivation“? How could any loving father just sit and watch as the mother to his children suffers from Postpartum Depression?[2]

Here’s what Reddit had to say

I agree 100%. Teaching the kids to do something like that is telling them its okay to call ANYONE names. It Will make those kids bullies in school cause “well daddy said to call mommy that” Personally, i was picked on because of my weight by my dad. It didnt help me loose weight, it actually did the complete opposite. I wasnt even that big. I avoided my dad as much as I could… if i had to pass him in one of the rooms in the house, i hid my stomach. Id even pick up a cat and carry the cat down at my stomach and walk as fast as i could pass him. Him doing that made others do the same. It was hell.

Now i’m an adult, heck i lost 175lbs, but I cant see that because everytime i look in a mirror, I see the chunky girl who was constantly called fat. I see the fat me. What OP’s husband is doing will cause one hell of an issue. Not only is OP literally being bullied by someone who she loves. but being called that by someone who claims to love OP. Now teaching the kids to do the same thing?? The world has too many bullies as it is…… He is making it worse.


Another replied:

And how did he rope her friends and family in too?! I bloody well hope that my friends and family would tell my husband to fuck off if he ever suggested they call me Miss Piggy.


Another agreed that what this woman’s husband was doing was just not okay in any way, shape or form.

Wait, he says he’s calling you demeaning names because he loves you?

No. When you love someone, you use terms of endearment. Honey, Sweetie, Darling. Not Miss Piggy.

He says YOU are the one to blame because your children cried? Maybe he ought to look for the one who taught his children to disrespect their mother.

I’m sorry, but you’ve got to lay down the law and stand up for yourself. You are a person of worth, and that doesn’t change because of your weight. Your husband has no right to call you names, and he has no right to teach your children to call you names. He’s an AH and so are any of your friends and family who are going along.

This is a boundary (I hate to use that term) that you cannot allow him to cross again under any circumstances. You need to tell him that if he can’t treat you with the respect you deserve as a person, a wife, and a mother, he will have to leave (or you will leave). And mean it. And be prepared to enforce it, one way or another.


The thread, which has been up online for 12 days at the time of writing this article, has nearly gained 1000 comments. And everyone agrees that the mom is most certainly in a bad situation.

What would you do if you were ever in such a situation? Or your husband mocked you and called you names like miss piggy and loser?

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