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Leah Berenson
October 20, 2023 ·  4 min read

Mom Puts Daughter On Leash in Grocery Store and Debate Ensues

In March of 2023, a mother went viral on TikTok for using a child leash on her daughter at the store. The video has since been removed but was viewed around 13 million times. She eventually explained that from her professional standpoint, it makes things much easier.

Alexis Solis from Los Banos, California went viral earlier this year when a she posted a video using a child leash on her daughter at the Dollar Tree. Unsurprisingly, the controversial scene sparked a debate amongst TikTok users, some who completely understood the concern. While others felt that Alexis was overprotective.

Mom and daughter wearing child leash at the grocery store.
Photo Credit: @Alexishealth | TikTok

The video shows her with her daughter, in the shopping cart seat. Alexis then ties a pink child leash around her daughter’s wrist. She captioned the video, “I’m tired of the world being this way but I’m NEVER tired of protecting my girls. I’m okay looking like a crazy mom. As long as my babies are safe,”

“thanks to everyone I freaking love this thing.” She concluded.

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Child Leash Gets Mixed Reactions

Some parents commented in support of Alexis’ use of the child leash. They said things like, “Moms get shamed for everything they do, no matter what. Do what you need to do to keep your kids safe in this crazy world.” As well as, “I don’t care what anyone says — I’m doing this. Call me crazy but I will always be a protective mom first.”

Meanwhile, other parents felt that the child leash was a bit much. “It’s insane this is so normalized,” said one commenter. Another explained, “I’m a mom & this seems excessive. You’re at The Dollar Tree with the child in the cart right in front of you. Really, The Dollar Tree?”

“I hope they leash her when she’s 50,” a third wrote.

Mom telling her story
Photo Credit: @Alexishealth | TikTok

Her Professional Take on the Child Leash

After going viral for using the child leash, Alexis posted a follow-up video in which she defended her actions. Alexis disclosed that she was a behavioral analysis therapist. Alexis went on to explain that the use of a child leash is beneficial, particularly if a child is on the spectrum. “Something that’s common with children who have autism is they do tend to elope.” She explained in her video. “If you’re not familiar with what elopement is, that’s when a child tends to wander off or run away from the parent or the environment.”  

Mom defending her use of a child leash
Photo Credit: @Alexishealth | TikTok

“Now, this can be very traumatic for both the child and the parent. I know that if I had this device when I was working with families, this would have made life so much safer.” Alexis added.

A Follow Up Explanation

Alexis later did an interview with Bored Panda, in which she further explained her perspective. She disclosed that she uses the child leash because it gives her a sense of security. Also, sharing that she never uses it unless they are shopping or on a walk.

My youngest is still too young to express vocally how she feels, however, I don’t think she minds it. In fact, every time I pull it out of my purse, she puts her wrist out,” she declared. “She also likes playing with it while shopping. My oldest doesn’t mind it at all.”

Mom sharing concerns over the safety of children
Photo Credit: @Alexishealth | TikTok

She also told Bored Panda, “I know from personal experience that children on the spectrum elope. It’s very scary and dangerous, especially when in public. I had one boy in particular who was very tall and strong. We physically would have try and grab him from going into the street.”

This wrist leash would allow children on the spectrum to roam around without having to be physically touched,” she concluded.

It’s not surprising that people were so divided regarding the use of a child leash. After all, in a world where parents are learning to balance their own upbringing with trends like giving kids full autonomy, there’s bound to be some confusion. However, in many instances, using a child leash can add an extra barrier of protection while out in a world full of uncertainty. Alexis expressed the belief that protecting her kids is far more important than what others might think of her seemingly extreme methods. Alexis now has more than 160,000 TikTok followers and has been very candid about her fears as a mother, her struggles with PTSD, and her weight loss journey.

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