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February 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

Mother-In-Law Criticizes Family’s ‘Messy’ House After Showing Up Unannounced

When you are a mom, you deal with things that no one else notices, and sometimes those things can start weighing you down. Everyone needs a break to forget about the messy house, the homework checks, the laundry, and the grocery list. Having a day to recover and recuperate from the stresses of daily mom-life is a notion we should all put into practice. However, not everyone feels that moms deserve breaks.

When one woman decided that she should have a day to relax with her kids, her mother-in-law vehemently disagreed. Moreover, she made it very clear just how much she disagreed by making rude comments about the state of the “messy house.”

A Week from Hell.

Reddit user u/FamilyWife posted about her experience and how her week began with a brutal start. Saturday, she was in a car accident, Sunday her grandfather passed away, and on Monday, she had to put her dog to sleep. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, her two children were ill and clinging to her constantly. All she wanted was a break.

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You’ve been there. If you’re a mom, you’ve felt that pressure from everything around you closing in. The one thing you want is to breathe. That’s it. Just to have a moment where there’s no pressure to do anything for a little while. That little bit of freedom can change so much.

After a few days of sick kids screaming and crying and the mental exhaustion of trying to manage everything with the kids and the house, FamilyWife made a choice. She decided that it was time for some relaxation.

By Thursday night I decided I needed a break, My husband agreed and told me he not to worry about housework and stuff for a while and he would take care of it. We also both agreed that the kids needed a day to just rest and not worry about going to school or after school activities.”


Sounds like a good plan, right? Everyone thought so and agreed with having some time to themselves.

No breaks Allowed if you Have a Messy House.

Friday morning arrives, and the mom and her kids are happy to have a day of rest. However, not everyone was informed of what that meant.

My husband usually speaks to his mom on the phone in the morning if things are slow. He told her about our day off to relax and she took it as an open invitation to show up.


If it were your situation, you may have handled things a bit differently. Personally, I wouldn’t have opened the door if someone decided to show up unannounced on my one day to relax. So, what did this mom do? She opened the door and was shouted at for having a messy house.

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When I opened the front door for her she walked in and looked around disgusted at the living room, front room and kitchen. Before turning to me to call me lazy mom and how I need to get off my *** and start acting like a mom.”


‘No Excuses’

Even after she explained to her MIL that it was their day to breathe and take a break from everything going on, the disgust continued. Finally, according to FamilyWife, her MIL told her that moms don’t get to have breaks, and she needs to get back to cleaning her messy house.

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How would you have handled this situation? Would you have explained your side of the story? Or, would you have tried to keep the peace and smile and nod?

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