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Chantel Brink
April 13, 2023 ·  3 min read

Prayers needed as Mia Robertson undergoes her 14th surgical procedure

Jase and Missy Robertson, known for their roles on the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” have shared their prayers for their daughter Mia’s recovery after her 14th surgery to address her cleft lip and palate. Mia, who is 18 years old, underwent the surgery last month and is now recuperating at home. The family has been through a lot over the years as Mia has undergone multiple surgeries since her birth in 2004.

On the latest episode of Jase’s podcast “Unashamed,” he provided a brief update on his daughter’s recovery alongside his father Phil Robertson and brother Alan. Jase expressed his joy, stating that Mia is doing well and has turned a corner. As a loving father, he is grateful for his daughter’s progress.

When asked about his daughter’s breathing, Jase, the reality TV star from “Duck Dynasty,” responded, “Everything seems great, seems to be fine.” He also shared with his podcast listeners that although the surgery took longer than expected, his daughter is now recovering at home. Jase expressed his gratitude for the prayers and support his family has received, and praised his daughter for being a champion throughout the ordeal.

Mia Robertson with her family
Image Credit: missyduckwife / Instagram

Fans are concerned and ask candidly about Mia’s quality of life

Prior to the surgery, Jase’s wife Missy had taken to Instagram to share her candid feelings about the situation. “People often ask me, ‘How many more surgeries does Mia have left?’” she wrote before the surgery on July 8. “The answer is always, ‘We just don’t know.‘” However, in a more optimistic social media post, their daughter Mia declared that she had reached the “finish line.”

Our journey has been long, but we have finally reached the finish line,” exclaimed Mia Robertson after her 14th surgery. She expressed her hope that it would be the last time she would have to visit her doctors in this setting. Since her 13th surgery in the spring of 2021, Mia has taken charge of her own medical decisions, a new experience for her parents.

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Missy Robertson wrote about the shift in responsibility, stating that Mia, now 18 years old, is leading the discussions and filling out the medical forms. Missy admits that it feels strange to step back, but it has reminded her to trust in the Lord and relinquish control.

In a previous interview with The Christian Post, Missy Robertson reflected on the purpose behind the pain they have experienced with their daughter’s medical condition. As a mother of four, including an adopted baby, she believes that there is a reason for their family’s journey. Despite the challenges, they have found meaning in their struggles and have grown closer to one another and to their faith.

An inspiration, Mia Roberts wants to do something beautiful for others

Mia and her mom
Image Credit: missyduckwife / Instagram

In addition to her own struggles with cleft lip and palate, Mia Robertson is determined to help others facing similar challenges. Her mother spoke about Mia’s desire to make a difference, saying, “She wants to help other people. To me, that speaks not only about her individual greatness, but also about the greatness of our God to see something in a child, long before she was born, that could influence people and bring them closer to Him. Who am I to question that about Him?”

Mia founded the Mia Moo Fund to raise awareness and provide support for children and families affected by cleft lip and palate. These birth defects occur when a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cleft lip with cleft palate occurs in about one in every 1,600 babies in the U.S., while cleft lip without cleft palate affects one in about 2,800 babies, and cleft palate without cleft lip affects one in about 1,700 babies.

Missy Robertson explained in a previous interview that the Mia Moo Fund serves two purposes: to raise awareness about the cleft lip and palate journey and to provide medical funds to families in need in the United States. You can follow Mia Roberts’ story right here.


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