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Despite Being a Billionaire, Mark Cuban Doesn’t Spoil His Kids.

Entitlement is a common sentiment felt by many and people don’t want to have to work hard. This is especially true for children who have wealthy parents. However, there are wealthy people who want to teach their children the value of hard work. Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire who has opted to take that route. With his wealth and upscale living, one has to wonder what it is that makes Mark Cuban more down to earth than a large portion of wealthy people.


Success Story of a Self-Made Billionaire.

If you haven’t heard the name Mark Cuban or of Shark Tank, I’ll sum it up. The show started in 2009 and debuted on ABC. There is a panel that consists of 11 members. There are 6 “sharks’‘ and 5, considered, “recurring sharks”, who make guest appearances now and then.

Inventors and entrepreneurs stand before the panel and present their business ideas with hopes of being granted an investment to fund their dreams. Sharks then ask questions about projections and marketing to decide if they will invest, negotiating a percentage of profits or part ownership in exchange for giving the loans. Needless to say, the whole panel is well off and has the resources to both expand their own empires and help others who have a dream and the work ethic to back it. The sharks were all well off prior to its airing and Mark Cuban is no exception.


Mark Cuban’s Origins.

Cuban was born in 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inspired by the hardworking men in his family he was an entrepreneur from a young age. At 12, he began selling packaged garbage bags to save up for a pair of shoes he wanted. From then on, his entrepreneurial drive paved the way for many lucrative opportunities that would come his way.

His determination didn’t stop at finances, by his senior year of high school (in which he opted out) he was attending college full-time, transferring to Indiana University after his freshman year. Cuban began giving dance lessons and put himself through school.


How He Got Here.

Cuban began studying machines and networking and before long had a job selling software. He went on to start his own consulting business and in 1990 sold the business for $6 million. Inspired by a love for basketball, Cuban and a business partner, Todd Wagner, started AudioNet so they could listen to the games online. Their company was a success, they rebranded and in 1999, sold the company for almost $6 billion.

His wealth was skyrocketing and would continue to do so, as 6 months later he cashed out his stocks and became a billionaire. Mark Cuban has since embarked on a number of other beneficial ventures, including becoming a husband and a father.

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Cuban’s Love Story.

Mark first met his wife in Dallas. Although Mark was 39, and Tiffany was 25, they enjoyed each other’s company. Despite their active lifestyles and other common interests both were hesitant to commit to one another. All relationships are hard because people have to learn to work together, and this pair was no exception.

Their love story was not without its hardships and Tiffany struggled to adapt to living a life so full of luxury stating in an interview that their house felt “impractical“. She felt that Mark was always on his computer, working. They struggled to find time together because even their sleep schedules conflicted. Whenever questioned about marriage, Mark also seemed hesitant, in that he felt it was a big commitment. The two eventually married in Barbados, in the presence of about 20 loved ones. They are still married and are raising 3 children together.

Keeping His Kids Kind.

Mark Cuban and his wife Tiffany believe in the importance of keeping their kids humble and kind. They are parents to Alexis, Alyssa, and Jake. Mark has often said of his childhood, he came from a “working class family”. Mark told Insider in 2014, “I want them to recognize that the only thing special about themselves is what they make for themselves.


They have to be themselves. They can’t be Mark Cuban’s or Tiffany Cuban’s son or daughter. They have to be adults and they have to carry their own weight … I didn’t want them to have a sense of entitlement. I want them to be like themselves … I just don’t want it to ever be about stuff. If I treat them with respect hopefully they’ll treat their peers with respect. That’s what we pay attention to more than anything else, how they treat other people.”

Not without controversy, Mark Cuban has been under scrutiny for a number of things over the years. Reports of sexual harassment, racism, and insider trading have all been mentioned regarding Mark Cuban, however, we all make mistakes. Teaching values such as hard work, kindness, humility, and gratitude to our children and future generations will instill in them strong values and eliminate the sense of entitlement felt by so many.


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